The Most Important Tip For Cooking Crispy Pork Chops In The Air Fryer

There are many cooking methods one can use to pull off crispy, tender, and flavorful pork chops, but the air fryer on your counter certainly makes it easier. Not only does the air fryer require less oil than a pan or baking dish, but it also makes crispy pork chops in less time. There's one essential tip you should always follow when you put pork chops in the air fryer, and it has something to do with how many chops go into the tray at the same time.

The key is to not overcrowd the tray in your air fryer. Place the pork chops in one layer without any overlap of each piece of meat, leaving a bit of space between each piece in the tray. If you are cooking large bone-in chops, or just need a lot to serve a crowd, the best option is to cook in batches. Place the cooked pork chops on a plate or baking sheet and tightly wrap them with aluminum foil while you cook the remaining batches so they stay warm. It's worth the extra time because an overcrowded tray will result in soggy meat — and nobody wants to bite into a limp pork chop.

Keep breaded pork chops crispy in an air fryer

In addition to ensuring crispy pork chops, not overcrowding the pan will keep the cooking time on point for each batch. For crispy pork chops in an air fryer that's properly loaded, it should only take 15 to 20 minutes depending on the size, cut, and whether it's bone-in or boneless cuts. To ensure the chops are fully cooked, despite how crispy they appear, check for an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

These tips are especially important for breaded pork chops because you want the outer layer to have crunch and not be soggy or fall off. However, it's essential not to overcrowd the pan with any sort of pork chop recipe, so keep that in mind for any version that's in your recipe rotation. Just in case you don't already have a pork chop recipe, Tasting Table has you covered. Try our air fryer pork chops that feature balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. Another option is our air fryer parmesan-crusted boneless pork chop recipe if you prefer a breaded chop — just don't overcrowd the pan.