What To Use When You Don't Have Egg Noodles For Beef Stroganoff

Nothing induces a sudden panic more than getting ready to cook and discovering a key ingredient isn't in your pantry when you thought it was. We've all been there, and it's never fun facing the dilemma of replacing the ingredients or making the dreaded trip to the grocery store. With some creativity, you don't need to panic. This is especially true for simple dishes that don't necessarily need super-specific ingredients like the beloved beef stroganoff. While this dish of meat, mushrooms, and a gravy-type sauce usually gets served over egg noodles, you don't have to stick with this serving suggestion.

Tasting Table's meaty, creamy, almost fancy beef stroganoff recipe offers a few alternatives to egg noodles that are equally as satisfying. Tasting Table recommends white rice, spaghetti noodles, or crispy potato straws. Egg noodles don't have a poignant flavor so most plain, starchy bases work well as a substitute. Almost any pantry staple grain or pasta is a good swap. Even pasta such as macaroni or bowtie works well since the beef stroganoff is similar to a ragu sauce or a cream-based sauce.

Other options to use for an egg noodle replacement in beef stroganoff

A classic pairing for other beef dishes like short ribs or meatloaf is mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are a fun replacement option because you can infuse them with more flavor that complements the beef stroganoff. You can use similar seasonings to create that flavor connection. Use herbs like thyme or onion powder for a perfect bite. A pinch of MSG in your mashed potatoes can emphasize the umami flavor of the mushrooms. While MSG is often debated on whether or not it's bad for you, it's perfectly safe and gives your dishes a deep, savory flavor.

If you want a lighter alternative to the traditional starch-heavy base dishes, you can try vegetables as the noodles. The best vegetables for this are zucchini, spaghetti squash, or eggplant. You want it to be strong enough to hold up to being cooked and topped with the beef stroganoff, but you don't want the flavor to overpower your meal. Keep the seasoning simple on these faux noodles; sticking to only salt and pepper is fine! Don't overcook the vegetables either, you want them to have that al dente pasta texture. This perfect zucchini noodle recipe from Tasting Table is a great beginner's guide to using vegetables as a noodle replacement.