Brave Bull: The 2-Ingredient Cocktail That Puts A Spin On The Black Russian

The Brave Bull cocktail may or may not have earned its moniker from a 1950s movie of a similar name — but regardless of what inspired its name, lovers of cocktails that use coffee flavors will find the Brave Bull to be the liquid courage they love. This drink is incredibly simple and only requires blanco tequila and Kahlua Coffee liqueur (and ice, of course). It might remind you of a Black Russian which calls for vodka instead of tequila, but that one ingredient difference changes the overall drinking experience in a big way. It is meant to be sipped slowly, like a cup of coffee on Sunday.

Crafting a Brave Bull is all about the ratio of blanco tequila to Kahlua. Get this right, and your drink will be perfect. To do so, you want to proportion these ingredients properly by pouring twice the amount of blanco tequila to Kahlua. What makes blanco tequila unique is unlike other tequilas it is not aged. It is going to have an alcohol by volume of between 35% and 55% and 51% agave sugars, and a powerful, unadulterated taste that is smooth. Kahlua is quite sweet and in addition to the coffee flavor, you may find it to taste a little like vanilla or caramel. Together, they're quite the power couple.

Make your own liqueur

To make your Brave Bull, first fill the glass with ice, then pour the Kahlua followed by the tequila. Give it a swirl with your cocktail spoon and you are ready to sit back and chill. Because this drink is so straightforward, each element has an important role to play. The tequila tempers the sweetness of the Kahlua, while the ice cubes help dilute the tequila, so it doesn't overwhelm your palate. If you don't have Kahlua on hand or just want something with an artisan vibe, plan ahead and make your own homemade coffee liqueur

While its origin story is a little hazy, this drink found a captive cocktail drinking audience in the early 1970s where it is listed in what is considered a bartender's Bible known as "Trader Vic's Bartender's Guides." It's perfect for an after dinner cocktail or a happy hour where you don't want to be swinging back more than one drink with your co-workers. If you like how tequila pairs with coffee liqueur, experiment with your espresso martini and use tequila in place of the traditional vodka for a yummy riff.