Elevate Your Iced Coffee Game With Banana Sweet Cream

Bring a taste of the tropics to your favorite iced coffee drinks with banana flavor. Making your own sweet banana cream at home couldn't be easier, and the simple coffee-making hack has made the rounds on socials for that reason. Blend a ripened banana with a few ice cubes and your choice of milk, whipped cream, or coffee creamer, and you have the ready-made ingredients you need to elevate a basic pour of cold brew

Once you've tried this easy barista move, you may find yourself adding dashes of ground cinnamon or ginger to your banana cream and sweetening it with agave syrup or honey to create an irresistible liquid that can equally be dropped into your cold coffee or tucked into your smoothie blender. Simply add the banana cream to top off a partially filled glass of iced cold coffee. As you sip your creation, you can decide to add more of the cream to build an even smoother, sweeter drink.

Walk the line between beverage and dessert

Banana cream can be made with any milk alternative to accommodate those with dietary preferences, or you can try blending ripe bananas with sweetened condensed milk for an even richer, more decadent add-in. To turn your hit of caffeine down a sweeter road, top your creation with honey whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and flakes of dark chocolate. Your coffee drinks can also be elevated with a splash of almond liqueur like amaretto for a more mature palate, or a teaspoon of almond or maple extract for teetotaling sippers. 

Once you've experienced the creamy luxuriousness that is banana cream iced coffee, your go-to summer drink orders will be quickly sorted. As an added bonus, your banana cream concoctions can not only elevate your coffee drinks, but the creamy addition can also perk up your morning pancakes and add sweetness to your next ice cream-making attempts.