The Sweet Addition To Soup That Also Acts As A Thickener

Chicken noodle soup is great on those days when you aren't feeling well, but if you want a soup that is going to satiate your hunger pangs, thick and hearty is where it's at. A Thai-style butternut squash soup or a silky cream of celery soup that has been pureed will be lush and velvety in the mouth and fill your tummy in the process. But if you are making one of these soups with a rich consistency, you may wonder how to get that hefty texture. 

Obviously, cornstarch or a roux of butter and flour can help you with this process, but if you want to create that density using vegetables, the sweet potato or even a yam will do just that while adding a sweet taste to the end result. These veggies that grace the Thanksgiving Day table are nice and starchy, and it is that starch that naturally thickens a soup. Grate or dice your yams or sweet potatoes, and they will release their starch as the soup cooks. They will also infuse the broth or puree with their natural sweetness. 

How to bulk up soup with sweet potato

What you will love about adding this fibrous and nutrient-rich veggie is that they are going to give your soup a creamy taste without adding any cream. Everyone makes mistakes when cooking with sweet potatoes, but if you are going to use them as a thickener for soup, it is important to remember that roasting them slowly instead of boiling them quickly will give you a richer, sweeter flavor. That doesn't mean you can't boil them if you are short on time, but the flavor will be better if you give it a moment to develop.

When you are ready to add to your soup, make certain you chop your sweet potato so it can melt into the broth, creating the thick viscosity that you want. Try this trick the next time you are making a spicy aloo curry and use a few sweet potatoes along with the white potatoes. The sweetness will temper the hot chili pepper, making for a sweet heat. Or try adding some sweet potato to your next old-fashioned beef stew for a sweet and savory contrast.