Add Extra Flavor To Buttercream With Your Favorite Coffee Creamer

A classic vanilla buttercream frosting on your favorite cake is hard to beat, but for a little extra flavor, you may want to turn to your favorite store-bought or homemade coffee creamer for a subtle boost that is a frosting game changer. This might be a little mind-blowing, but coffee creamer doesn't contain either milk or cream. Water, corn syrup, and some type of oil, be it vegetable, palm, or soy, are the first ingredients listed on this favorite accouterment for your morning caffeine. These same elements are going to sweeten and flavor your buttercream.

This creative way to use coffee creamer will change your frosting's taste as well as its texture. If you are using liquid coffee creamer, it only requires as little as a splash for a subtle flavor twist, or as much as a few tablespoons for a more intense and bold flavor experience. You can also use powdered non-dairy creamer in place of milk by mixing about a half cup of your dry Coffee-Mate with about a half cup to a cup of hot water. You will have to experiment a little until you find the taste and consistency you want.

So many possibilities

It is important to note that using a non-dairy coffee creamer may require you to use a little more powdered sugar, depending on how you're using it. If you are using it as a swap, the consistency will be too thin and an increase in powdered sugar will be needed to get it nice and stiff. However, if you are just using a small amount to add a little flavor, you should not have to adjust the amount of powdered sugar by that much.

From Starbucks to Dunkin to Chobani to Coffee-Mate, there are plenty of options when it comes to what brand of coffee creamer you can use, but what you'll love about this hack is all the possibilities from the various flavors. Use a coffee creamer inspired by Girl Scout cookies to add a minty element to your buttercream frosting, and it will taste perfect on a chocolate cake. Looking for a flavor that's a little more gourmet? Try the caramel coconut coffee creamer for a Samoa-inspired frosting. Or, opt for adding a little Cheesecake Factory strawberry cheesecake coffee creamer for a sweet and creamy strawberry frosting.