Give Mac And Cheese A Bold Upgrade With Blue Cheese

There's nothing quite like a bowl of creamy, gooey macaroni and cheese to take you back to your childhood. It is the ultimate comfort food; however, variety is key when making the best mac and cheese, and nothing says you can't eat the food of your youth and give it an adult upgrade. That's why if you are a blue cheese lover, you may want to consider adding this tangy cheese to your simple mac and cheese to create a bold flavor that says, "I'm all grown-up."

Blue cheese is considered a semi-soft cheese. Its distinctive blue-green veins make it unmistakable as does its pungent taste and smell. It's also a cheese that can elicit some strong feelings. You either love it or hate it; there really is no in-between. But adding as little as 1 to 2 tablespoons of this unlikely ingredient to your favorite mac and cheese recipe can transform the flavor of your cheese sauce in a beautiful way. It complements the traditional sharp cheddar while producing a dramatic and intense experience for your taste buds. 

While blue cheese added to your sauce in small quantities works magic, you would never want to use it as the sole cheese for your sauce. It would overpower the dish and ruin your mac and cheese experience. 

Cheesy pairings

When choosing what cheeses you will add to your bechamel sauce, you want to be thoughtful. After all, it not only forms the flavor but also creates the texture of your mac and cheese. For this reason, choose those that will balance out the salty and funky blue cheese taste and not clash with it. A mozzarella, which is also a semi-soft cheese, is going to add sweet, milky, and floral elements while parmesan is going to match the salty flavor and add a nutty tone to the sauce.

Don't be afraid of blue cheese. Experiment a little. Try it with Gruyere and cheddar or use a combination of fontina and gorgonzola. Once you've settled on your cheese, don't forget those extra ingredients that make this meal even more grown-up. A little lobster or crumbled bacon will only add to the rich taste of this dish. And for a crunchy element, use either traditional bread crumbs or pulverized saltines for a nice topping.