Pair Honeycomb With Your Favorite Cheese For A Sweet And Savory Bite

Honeycomb is intricately beautiful, with hexagonal cells connected together forming an entire comb. Made from wax produced by bee abdomens, the bees chew the wax to soften it and transform it into a structure that stores honey. You can eat honeycomb, and once you do, you won't want anything different. It tastes better than regular honey, and the flavor becomes heightened when paired with salty cheese.

Honeycomb contains unfiltered honey, which is sweeter and richer than the processed kind. If you're accustomed to eating raw honey, eating it from the comb makes no difference flavor-wise, but it's certainly more fun. Although the wax itself is plain, it's flaky and melts into your mouth when you bite into it. You can find honeycomb from a beekeeper or health food store, but it should also be available at chain grocery stores. While there, you can pick up one or two of the many cheeses that pair well with honeycomb.

Since raw honey has such a deep taste, don't be afraid to go bold with the cheeses that you pick. Aged varieties like cheddar, Parmigiano Reggiano, or gruyere have the most delicious, tangy flavor that makes the sweetness of the honey stand out. Rich and crumbly, the cheese flakes can make their way into the walls of the honeycomb, giving each bite a salty punch. Milder cheeses like feta, brie, and goat cheese are also an excellent choice. With a tangy, creamy flavor paired with honeycomb, the combo makes for a delicious dessert.

Pairing suggestions for honeycomb and cheese

Adding honeycomb to a cheese and cracker plate elevates the classic appetizer. Opting for softer, spreadable cheeses like brie or whipped ricotta is easy when using crackers. Plus, the mild flavor from the crackers gives more room for the flavors of the cheese and honey to stand out. Spread the cheese onto the cracker and spoon a small piece of honeycomb on top for guests or just for yourself.

For stronger cheeses, you can add them into the mix when building a charcuterie board. Paired with cured meats, grapes, and jams, a stack of honeycomb on the side is the perfect topping. Using harder cheeses like nutty gruyere or fruity parmesan makes for a more mess-free charcuterie board with bolder combinations.

Honeycomb also works as a topping when cooking cheese, as well. You can add honey to baked feta for a sweet and savory treat post-dinner. The honeycomb comes in after the feta has been taken out of the oven and heated into a creamier version of the cheese. As it's cooling down, add chunks of honeycomb to the warm surface to melt into the feta. A few dollops of honeycomb are perfect for sandwiches, too. Quickly warm up some brie or mozzarella balls in the microwave before placing them onto toasted French bread. Add arugula and prosciutto to the sandwich and add a few small pieces of honeycomb.