The Hard Seltzer Hack To Upgrade Your Next Spritz

An Aperol spritz is not only one of the simplest beverage recipes out there, but the light, summery concoction is one of the best ways to kick off a backyard party. Even if you're the one tasked with mixing Aperol, soda water, and prosecco, the satisfaction of seeing the light shine through the amber concoction is a quick ticket to what feels like a vacation, even if you didn't score any time off. 

Traditionally, a spritz is made with the easy-to-remember ratio of 3:2:1. With these numbers in mind, aspiring bartenders can add prosecco, Aperol, and soda water, respectively, to an ice-filled glass and garnish with an orange slice for a finishing touch that announces la dolce vita. Once this formulaic recipe is committed to memory, deviations in the drink can bring bursts of punchy flavor to a refreshing sipper that is difficult to put down. 

Should you be craving a taste of the Italian beverage but find yourself low on either prosecco or soda water (since they're both effervescent), you can reach for a hard seltzer to add a punch of bubbles instead. While adding hard seltzer, keep this ratio in mind so that you don't end up with an overly sweet or diluted drink. Rely on this basic formula as you tinker with ingredients and adjust inclusions to the recipe. 

A drink recipe with creative potential

Professional bartenders around the world have used the spritz to flex their cocktail-making prowess by adjusting ingredients that have customers ordering fast seconds. From adding notes of salinity to upping the ante of alcoholic content with hard seltzer, your spritz recipes will never be dull. Plus, with so many hard seltzer brands available, your summertime pours won't lack pizazz, and those following specific diets can choose from hard seltzers with specific nutritional profiles, like low-calorie or low-carb labels. 

Experiment with using different flavors to make your spritz drinks. Bring tropical flair with mango hard seltzer, or inject a fruity burst with a blueberry-flavored can. Add a refreshing splash to a summertime drink with citrus or lemon, or turn a winter evening into a warmer affair with a touch of grapefruit hard seltzer. 

Of course, the drink garnishes you choose can complement the flavor profile of your drinks: Use seasonal fruit to dress up your summer-themed cocktails or wedges of citrus to turn up the volume of the seltzer you've added to your drinks. Adjust to taste and sample your concoctions to nail your recipes to embody the cultural tradition that is the aperitivo