The Coffee Flavored Cocktail White Russian Fans Need To Try

You don't have to be the Big Lebowski to enjoy a classic White Russian cocktail. This drink features vodka, Kahlúa, and cream poured over ice, and is like drinking a dessert coffee — it's sweet, creamy, and deeply satisfying. It can skew on the heavier side, so many enjoy sipping on it as an after-dinner indulgence. While it definitely ranks on the list of the absolute best coffee cocktails, if you are a White Russian fan with a flare for adventure, you may want to try a Dominicana beverage.

A Dominicana, which is served in a coupe, will give you similar White Russian vibes but instead of vodka, it uses rum along with an espresso coffee liquor and cream to create a cocktail that is sweeter on the tongue. The late Sasha Petraske, who owned the New York Milk & Honey bar, is credited with creating this sophisticated White Russian riff that caramel macchiato lovers will favor thanks to rum's vanilla and caramel notes. But the liquor swap is not the only change that makes this drink stand out. 

Tips for making a Dominicana cocktail

While the Dominicana also uses cream, it does so in a completely different manner. When you make a White Russian, it's poured on top of the other two ingredients and its weight causes it to slowly diffuse and blend with the other ingredients. Cream plays a completely different role in a Dominicana. You want to aerate this thick dairy product into a light whipped version and let it float above the rum and espresso liquor, similar to your favorite espresso con pannna, and give it a little dusting of nutmeg.

If you are considering making the Dominicana your signature beverage for your next dinner party, follow this pro tip — use aged rum. This type of alcohol is going to give you the vanilla and caramel flavors that really separate this drink from a White Russian. However, some aged rums can have a banana flavor to them, so it is best to sample your booze before mixing up your cocktails unless you are a fan of fruitier varieties.