The Reason Whole Foods Is The Best Store For Organic Shopping

Grocery trends are shifting, and organic food is set to become more popular than ever. Consumers are prioritizing placing more regulated items in their carts, favoring vegetables grown in pesticide-free soil and meat that is hormone-free. You've likely noticed organic selection differs, with one grocery store chain consistently ranked the best — Whole Foods.

And it's not just branding — the company seriously commits to an organic ethos. As the only certified organic national grocery store, all the produce goes through inspection. The USDA doesn't make retailers verify their produce, but Whole Foods makes the additional effort. They check sources and labels and prevent contamination and comingling, meaning there's a slim chance any non-organic products slip through the cracks.

Plus, this process is externally verified by the California Certified Organic Farmers, so it's truly a reliable claim. Quite an impressive retailer move, considering Whole Foods sells 20,000 organic products. When you walk through their doors, you'll get an unparalleled organic selection.

Whole Foods regulates an expansive selection of organic products

Walk into Whole Foods, and there's a terrific assortment of departments. From a butcher counter filled with fresh meats to a cheese, bulk, and grocery section, they'll have your organic grocery needs covered on many food bases. However, the store has even expanded organic shopping to other realms.

For instance, popular Whole Foods prepared items also go through organic inspection. The store has separate prep stations, free from non-organic sanitizers and soaps. So if that last-minute bite you picked up has an organic label — don't worry; it's verified every step of the way.

Plus, Whole Foods even expands organic labeling to body and beauty products, which don't go through federal regulation. The chain bans well over 200 chemicals from this section and backs up any organic claims with a third-party source. They've created their own standards, nit-picking through labels like "made with organic" to ensure quality standards. As a result, the chain is the most intensive marketplace for any organic shopping needs, both edible and not.