How Long You Can Store Fruit Salad In The Fridge And Freezer

Fruit salads are a great dish to bring to parties or prep in advance and eat as a pick-me-up throughout the week. As delicious as they are, though, delicate fresh fruits tend to taste the best on the day they're prepared. However, with the right storage techniques, you can keep your fruit fresh in the fridge for longer, or you can freeze it to enjoy later.

To properly store fruit salad, you need to hit the sweet spot regarding moisture. You don't want the fruits to be completely dried out, but it's unappetizing for them to be soggy and water-logged, as well. By storing them in an airtight container, you can strike the right balance. After preparing your salad, put it in your container of choice and store it in the fridge right away. The salad should keep for around three or four days.

For a frozen fruit salad that lasts for months, you don't want to assemble the whole salad and then freeze it, or it will solidify into an icy block. Instead, peel, cut, and wash your fruits, dry the pieces completely, and spread them out on a baking pan, ensuring that none of the fruits are overlapping. Cover the pan with foil or cling-wrap and freeze the fruits for four hours. Then, just transfer them to a freezer-safe, airtight bag. Fruit salad can last up to three months in the freezer, but for the best flavor, it should be consumed within four weeks.

More ways to keep fruit salad fresh for longer

Adding other ingredients to fruit salad can also help its longevity. One of the absolute best ways to keep fruit salad fresh is to toss it with a splash of lemon juice. The acidic juice works to preserve the freshness of the fruits and keep them from browning. If you'd prefer your go-to berry salad or mint and melon fruit salad to be a little sweeter, pineapple and orange juice will also work. Honey also has preservative effects, whether you use it on its own or as part of a sweet vinaigrette. With these additions, your fruit stands a better chance of lasting as long as possible.

Unfortunately, no tricks can completely prevent cut fruit from going bad. If you open your container of fruit salad and notice a strong "off" or rotten smell, that's your first indicator that it's spoiled. If the fruits smell normal, but are leaking liquid or have a mushy texture, that also means that it's time for the salad to go in the trash. 

Keeping fruit fresh for longer in the fridge can be difficult, so if you can't finish a big batch of salad, just freeze the fruits. Once it's time to thaw your fruit salad, you can leave it out on the counter or defrost it in the fridge. For a quicker thaw, dunk your bag or container of frozen fruit in cold water and let it sit for a few minutes.