The Canned Beef You Should Stock Up On The Next Time You're At Costco

Costco is a one-stop shop (well, technically warehouse) for things like stocking your kitchen with Kirkland seasonings and spices and indulging in an array of popular products, like that viral Mavens Durian ice cream that might have temporarily taken over your feeds. The members-only retailer also offers many affordably priced canned goods, and while it sells quality options for both chicken and tuna in a tin, its Kirkland canned roast beef stood out in our list of Costco's 16 best canned goods you should stock up on.

Canned roast beef might sound strange since it's not as common as the canned chicken and fish that many of us keep in our kitchen, but it has its perks. One of the biggest reasons the product made our list is because of its $0.41 per ounce cost, an affordable price considering typical meat prices. You might already prefer Costco for the ability to get cost-effective bulk items, so this product should make your rotation as a cheap way to have meat on hand.

Use Costco's canned roast beef for easy and elevated meals

According to Costco's product description, it consists of 97% fat-free and fully cooked premium top and bottom round roast beef in broth. The Kirkland-brand product comes with four 12-ounce cans, each of which has four servings that have 80 calories each, or 320 total calories per can. Check your local warehouse for pricing and availability because, while our Atlanta-based writer found it in March 2024, it's not currently listed on Costco's website and not all locations stock the product. That just that means once you do find it, you should stock up on the canned beef for easy weeknight dinners.

It's not the best option to eat this roast beef straight out of the can; use it in a variety of recipes instead. Try it in Tasting Table's sheet-pan quesadillas recipe or use it to upgrade our shredded chicken quesadilla. Some beef stroganoff recipes use canned roast beef, so use it in this meaty, creamy, and almost fancy beef stroganoff for a more elevated dish. It's also a delicious way to easily add meaty flavor to sandwiches, soups, tacos, or on top of nachos.