What To Know About The Chicken-Lobster Hybrid Dish That Caused A Stir On Martha Stewart's Instagram

A monster-looking culinary creation has left Martha Stewart's followers in a tizzy. Stewart's Instagram post shows what has been dubbed the "chobster," a meal mutation that offers up a plate with the body of a chicken breast and the head, claws, and tail of a lobster. User @secupp wrote that they "took the HOV lane to the comments," and we admit to doing the same to learn more about this beastly presentation.

The chobster is served at Maison Barnes, part of New York City's Cafe Boulud. Executive chef Romain Paumier borrowed inspiration from the French poularde homardine, a traditional chicken recipe stuffed with seafood. "This dish is a classic, but it's usually made with crayfish," Paumier told Slate. Paumier's take requires at least an hour to prepare. 

Slicing into this mutated monstrosity offers those who shell out $250 rich mouthfuls of lobster-stuffed chicken. Chickens that haven't laid eggs and have feasted for months on nutrient-rich feed are used to make the dish, and the poularde, as these specialty chickens are known, are roasted with lobster heads shoved inside their cavities. The lobster tail is poached and dressed in butter before being plated to match each chicken body and presented to eager diners.

Stewart's selfies aren't the only posts provoking heat

In the exclusive dining areas of Maison Barnes, smaller rooms provide the backdrop for those with the means to sample such French-inspired creations. After the imaginative display of chobster is brought tableside, the lobster head is taken away to be flambéed in cognac, and the poularde is carved and set onto dishes with rice. Lobster bisque and chicken stock accompany the order, and of course, decadent crème fraîche sauce provides the finishing touches on the dish.

On Instagram, Stewart gushed over the culinary experience, declaring that she can't wait to return to Maison Barnes. Not only did Stewart wax poetic about the chobster, but she also noted the establishment's ambiance, desserts, and wine list. While the rest of us can only imagine what such a posh dining experience might be like, we can watch the comment section on her post for entertainment, instead. "Martha what in the five-minute crafts is this," "Martha are you dining at the hunger games capitol?" and "Chicken of the sea woah I get it now" are reigning favorites.