The Reason Smithey Cast Iron Looks Copper

Every kitchen needs a cast iron skillet. Its versatility makes this favored pan perfect for making a decadent skillet chocolate chip cookie or a savory reverse sear steak. While there are a lot of brands out there to choose from, luxury cast iron cookware maker Smithey stands out for a few reasons. The brand joined the cast iron world in 2018 and has built quite a fanbase since then. But if you are in the market to purchase a cast iron skillet made by Smithey, you might wonder why it has a copper hue and isn't the traditional black color.

The company's website explains that whether you believe it or not "cast iron is naturally grey" and it is the first layers of seasoning that they apply to the cookware that gives it the copper color. However, it assures that as you use your Smithy cast iron pots and pans, they will develop the black patina synonymous with cast iron products.  

Why Smithey is so pricey and what you should use it for

Smithey is made with molten iron and steel and it shouldn't take more than a few uses before you start to see the smooth, nonstick surface build-up you want to achieve. While the brand can be expensive, ranging in price from $110 to $375, many love how it echoes cast iron pots and pans of old, but with a modern touch, blending its heirloom appearance with updated functionality. The cookware is also made in the U.S. and is given a lifetime warranty, which means it can be passed down through generations.

If you need some ideas of what to make in your cast iron skillet, Smithey is perfect for baking fruity pies and even a decadent souffle. It can also be used for whipping up some honey sage skillet cornbread to go along with your next pot of chili. And don't be afraid to use it on the grill for meat or even pizza — the smokey flavors that you can achieve only add to the seasoning.