House Of The Dragon Drinking Game For Your Season 1 Binge Watch

The wait is finally over — HBO announced the release date for the next season of "House of the Dragon" and it's premiering on June 16. That means you have just over a month to prepare for more drama, dragons, and death. But, how exactly? By rewatching the entire first season, of course. It's been more than a year since the last season's finale, and a lot of us are probably in need of a refresh. You can either take it one episode at a time or binge all 10 in one sitting, but there's no better way to make it more compelling the second time around than to do so with a drinking game. Just beware, there will be spoilers for those who haven't seen it. 

Call up your friends, pour up your "milk of the poppy" inspired cocktail, "Game of Thrones" whisky, or Rhaenyra's own personal favorite, a Negroni Spagliato, and get comfortable because you have a good 10 hours of drinking ahead of you. That being said, it's probably best if you take this one episode at a time.

On top of reliving the brutal deaths, births, betrayals, and literal backstabbings in the first season, you're going to have a bit of liquid courage in your bloodstream, which means it's only going to be all the more firey. Come to think of it, the House of Targaryen wouldn't have it any other way. It'll be a truly epic "Game of Thrones" party.

Take a sip when...

  • Viserys decides he'll marry Alicent... his daughter's now presumed ex-best friend.

  • Any awkward occurrence airing on the edge of or full-on expressing incest (sip slow, there's a lot).

  • Ser Otto slimly spreads a rumor, tells a lie, or shares any sort of information with the King when he could've just stayed in his lane (again, small sips here — there's a lot).

  • Whenever anyone raises questions or suspicions regarding the bloodline of Rhaenyra's children, either directly or through side-eye contact.

  • Vicerys tells Rhaenyra that he's proud of her (drink up, not quite as common).

  • Whenever Alicent defends or covers up her sons' atrocious behavior.

  • Whenever you get a shot of Vicerys's leprosy sores, and they're somehow more grotesque than the time before (this is needed).

Take a few sips when...

  • Viserys names Rhaenyra heir (and don't forget to cheers out of respect to her majesty).

  • When — to Sir Otto's embarrassment — young Rhaenyra swoops into Dragonstone and successfully reclaims the stolen dragon egg from her uncle, Daemon.

  • When young Rhaenyra spots the white hart, signaling her natural destiny to rule.

  • That awkward moment when King Vicerys sends his daughter moon tea, essentially signaling he doesn't fully believe that his daughter didn't sleep with his brother.

  • Ser Criston beats Ser Joffery to death at the wedding, and the ceremony goes on.

  • When Lucerys cuts Aemond's eye out.

  • Alicent slashes Rhaenyra's arm in front of the entire family (awkward).

  • When Princess Rhaenys (literally) crashes Ser Erryk's coronation on the back of her dragon, Meleys.

Finish your drink when...

  • After his brother, King Viserys, finally agrees and says he'll send aid, Daemon goes out and successfully ends the war on the Stepstones all by himself (men, am I right?).

  • When Alicent arrives at Rhaenyra and Laenor's wedding dressed in green, sending a not-so-subliminal message that her only loyalties are to herself.

  • When Laena, Daemon's (first) wife orders her dragon, Vagar, to kill her mid-childbirth so she can die an honorable dragon rider's death.

  • When Viserys, sick and on death's door, shows up to sit on the throne for what will be his final time to once again solidify Rhaenyra as his heir.

  • When Ser Erryck delivers Rhaenyra her crown.

  • When Rhaenyra receives news about Luke's death, and the finale ends with a look that she is ready to go to war.