Your Turkey Bacon Needs A Pop Of Pepper To Spice Up Breakfast

You might be used to slathering your pork bacon with black pepper or brown sugar to elevate its taste — whether you plan to serve it alongside breakfast or add it to a BLT sandwich for lunch. However, you might not realize the same technique works with turkey bacon, especially pepper, if you want to spice up your morning spread. Whether you're cooking up turkey bacon because you don't eat pork or because it's a healthier alternative, remember that you don't have to sacrifice taste.

Don't get us wrong, turkey bacon is delicious on its own, but the use of pepper makes it even better by adding a spicy kick. Packaged turkey bacon might have some existing seasonings, but it doesn't have nearly as many flavor and spice variations as pork bacon does. Besides, you probably already have at least a couple different varieties of pepper in your spice cabinet. Remember, a little goes a long way, so you don't have to use much, and it'll barely add any calories if you prefer turkey bacon for health reasons.

Add crushed red pepper to turkey bacon for a bolder kick

Black pepper is super common, and it works beautifully to elevate turkey bacon. Just make sure your black pepper is pure so you achieve the boldest flavor. Feel free to use the pre-ground version or grind it yourself. White pepper is an excellent option if you want a bit of a milder kick. There are other varieties of peppercorns that also work with turkey bacon, depending on your desired result. However, if you want to amp up the spice even more, use crushed red pepper flakes, which pack a little extra heat. Then, add a little brown sugar or honey to temper the spice with subtle sweetness.

Once you've nailed down your preferred pepper variety and any additional toppings, it's easy to add it to turkey bacon. Lay the slices in an even layer on a sheet pan or skillet, then simply sprinkle the pepper on top of each slice of bacon. If you want more flavor, flip the bacon over and add pepper to the other side — but don't overdo it. Turkey bacon is far leaner than pork and therefore doesn't have much fat (but there's no need for extra oil to get the pepper to stick). Need more bacon advice? Here are some tips to cook the absolute best bacon, including some that can be applied to turkey bacon.