Crack Your Egg Inside Of A Bell Pepper Ring To Elevate Breakfast

A fried egg is one of the most quintessential breakfasts out there — and a classic for a reason. But, as delicious as a simple fried egg is, sometimes you want to switch it up and elevate your breakfast. One of the best ways to do that? Cook and serve the fried egg inside of a bell pepper ring.

The process really isn't much more difficult than cooking a fried egg on its own. Start by preparing the bell pepper — to do this, turn the bell pepper on its side and cut off the top (including the stem). Then, cut around the core and remove it. Finally, turn the bell pepper back on its side and cut the rings — anywhere between ¼ inch and ½ inch thick should work, so cut it based on how prominent you'd prefer the bell pepper to be when you take a bite.

After you have your bell pepper rings ready to go, heat a pan with a small amount of butter or oil over medium heat, then add the bell pepper ring once the pan has heated up. Cook the bell pepper ring for about two minutes on each side, then lower the heat to medium-low and add the cracked egg, finishing the process as you would any fried egg. The result is a delicious fried egg complete with a crunchy veggie addition — and one that has a visual appeal thanks to the colorful nature of bell peppers. 

How to customize a fried egg-bell pepper ring breakfast

One of the best parts about making a fried egg inside the bell pepper ring is that you can still cook the fried egg to your preferred doneness. Cooking it sunny side up is the easiest, of course, because it doesn't require flipping — it will also look the most visually appealing thanks to the prominence of the bright yolk. However, if you prefer your eggs over easy or over medium, you can flip the entire bell pepper and egg combination with your spatula to get the egg to your preferred variation.

Additionally, feel free to add any seasoning that you prefer — a bit of salt and pepper is a must, but you could also add something like Za'atar or, for a kick of heat, red chili flakes. You can also upgrade the dish by adding a sprinkle of shredded cheese or bacon bits to the top to make the eggs a little more interesting and flavorful. All in all, there are plenty of unexpected ingredients to add to upgrade your fried egg.

You can even add the bell pepper egg to a breakfast sandwich for a nice crunch. Perhaps you want to take inspiration from our ultimate egg sandwich recipe and simply swap out the plain fried egg for one tucked inside a bell pepper ring. But, of course, feel free to play around with various breakfast sandwich recipes.