The US Wine Festivals You Won't Want To Miss

Wine drinkers fit into two categories: those who casually enjoy the beverage and those who become fully immersed in everything about it. If you fit into the latter group, attending a wine festival is one of the best ways to join other enthusiastic oenophiles. These events unite vintners, producers, sommeliers, and everyday wine lovers, often in beautiful settings where the wine flows. Grape-growing regions are prime spots for these wine-fueled occasions and they extend across the country to satisfy avid fans.

As the dominant player in the U.S. wine industry, California features dozens of festivals in its viticultural areas. You'll also find fantastic events in states with less of a winemaking culture though, such as Arkansas and Illinois; every state has something to offer, considering wine is produced in all 50 of them. If you're looking for another way to celebrate your love for wine and the best wineries in the country, our selection of U.S. wine festivals you won't want to miss is the perfect guide. With traditional fairs that date back decades to more recent affairs buzzing with novelty, grab your calendar and a map of the country and start taking notes.

California Wine Festival

The California Wine Festival has been ongoing since its 2004 start in Santa Barbara, and in 2024 it's taking place over four weekends throughout the year in various locations to the north and south of Los Angeles: Carlsbad, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, and Santa Barbara. Each event features a Sunset Rare & Reserve Tasting evening followed by a daytime Beachside Wine Festival. Pick between a VIP experience or a more laidback atmosphere depending on your interests. Tickets sell out fast, so it's in your best interest to buy them ahead of time or risk being turned around at the gate.

Dozens of wineries are present each weekend with some variation, so if you're hoping to taste from a specific producer, check the list ahead of time. Wine isn't the only thing on the menu; craft beer and artisanal snacks are plentiful, showcasing the bountiful products of the sunny region. Chat with producers and other enthusiasts or enjoy the live musical entertainment that acts as a soundtrack to the day. Amidst all the wine-infused fun, the series of festivals raises funds for local charities that work with causes to help children, the environment, and food insecurity.

Paso Wine Fest

Paso Robles, in California's Central Coast, is home to a multitude of vineyards and wineries producing exceptional wine. The region's Wine Fest has taken place for the past 40 years and currently features over 100 wineries, as well as craft spirits, gourmet snacks, culinary workshops, music, and artisans. The four-day festival includes a range of activities, such as organized wine tastings, winemaker dinners, happy hours, concerts, cooking classes, and more.

Unless you're attending winery-led experiences or other specific events, the Grand Tasting is the place to be. Here, numerous wineries will be pouring their wines for crowds all afternoon, as guests stroll around the area munching on tasty bites and enjoying the live entertainment. If you're especially eager, don't miss the VIP Early Entry Pass which offers exclusive benefits. Folks are encouraged to bring a blanket to laze around on the lawn as they sip local wines with a wine-loving crowd.

Taste of Sonoma

Sonoma County is a noteworthy source of high-quality Californian wine, and the area has been hosting a one-day wine festival since 2008, featuring the best of the best. Locals and tourists can experience the beauty of the region while sipping on wines from over 100 wineries. Estimates claim that over 50 grape varieties show up in the multitude of products on-site, making Taste of Sonoma an exciting occasion to try novel types of wine.

A tent area houses the many wineries, allowing guests to stroll around the premises and discover different products. Themed lounges highlighting certain wineries offer the chance to chill out in comfort while sipping on delicious wines. Meanwhile, serious oenophiles can embark on the VIP journey, which gives them exclusive access to wines and the tasting area before the arrival of the general public. Food trucks keep the snacks close at hand so that you can satiate all your gustatory needs. And if you've got some beer lovers in tow, check out the beer garden set up for a different ambiance.

Taste of Napa

Napa has long been a star on the Californian wine scene, so naturally, it hosts a wine festival to celebrate the fruits of the local viticultural efforts. The single-day event gives wine lovers the chance to taste local products, from abundant wines to craft beers and an assortment of culinary bites. Aside from the wide-ranging flavors on-site, Taste of Napa includes live music and games to set the celebratory scene. Keep your Taste of Napa passport handy for the chance to win several prizes as you collect stamps.

Attend with a General Admission to experience the region's finest from over 70 wineries, or take it a step further by choosing a Reserve Tasting Salon for a more in-depth exploration of top-tier wines. The event takes place at The Meritage Resort and Spa, a luxury resort with vineyards. The recommended dress code is "Napa Chic," so do a bit of research before showing up in athleisure — skip the heels though as the event takes place outdoors and the terrain can be uneven.

International Pinot Noir Celebration

Pinot fans will want to make a point to be in Oregon for the International Pinot Noir Celebration, which has been going strong since 1987. The event takes place in McMinnville and hosts winemakers from around the globe. Guests can taste Oregon's bounty alongside a Chilean or French pinot noir. Acclaimed wine critic Jancis Robinson describes it as "One of the most enjoyable wine weekends in the world."

The pinot-loving fun takes place over a weekend, with tastings, vineyard tours, dinners, and seminars for a deep dive into the ins and outs of pinot noir, the so-called "heartbreak grape." Passport to Pinot is a top-tasting experience, showcasing over 70 wineries with exceptional pinots. Food isn't an afterthought here either; the culinary offerings show off the Pacific Northwest in all its glory, with a multitude of bites to pair with your sips and a Salmon Bake dinner featuring fish roasted in fire pits.

Savor Idaho

Although it fits in the bottom half of states per annual volume of wine produced, Idaho is proud of its wine culture, going strong since 1860. To celebrate local wineries and cideries (about 30 of them), the state started hosting Savor Idaho in 2009, a one-day event in June to coincide with its wine and cider month. It takes place against the backdrop of the Idaho Botanical Gardens in Boise, offering a treat for all your senses.

Join other wine fans to taste the terroir, with popular varieties like riesling, chardonnay, syrah, and merlot taking center stage. It's also the perfect place to try ice wine, a cool-climate product made with frozen grapes. Entertain yourself by strolling through the gardens, or participate in a sip and paint class and bring your masterpiece home. Live music is the soundtrack of choice, and visitors can check out local artisan products and munch on food truck bites to round out the experience.

Taste of Vail

Make your way to the mountain for this yearly wine fest in Vail, Colorado. Stay in the village or take the gondola up to the peak for a tasting experience like no other. Taste of Vail has been happening for over 30 years, bringing locals and tourists to the ski hill town to savor local delights. The event hosts about 100 wineries from around the world and dozens of local chefs, ensuring guests can discover a wide range of products.

Aside from sipping and munching at the larger tasting events, Taste of Vail features numerous seminars and wine dinners for a closer look alongside experts in the field. Keep your pocketbook handy for the auction, where guests can place bids on top bottles. The not-for-profit event highlights regional talents, amplifying the community feel of the occasion. Be sure to come prepared for the mountain climate, as the early April date means you might be sipping on a glass of rosé in the snow.

Finger Lakes Wine Festival

New York's Finger Lakes is the go-to region for riesling lovers, and there are plenty of other wines to dazzle your senses. Try them all at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival, a summertime weekend event that celebrates Bacchus, the god of wine. Dozens of New York wineries show up, offering you the chance to discover the bounty of the area at the largest wine festival in the Northeast.

Attend the tastings over one or two days to get your fill, or take it a step further by purchasing tickets for additional activities. Launch of the Lakes features a toga and costume contest as well as fireworks and live music to highlight the party spirit, while the Taster's Banquet is the perfect occasion to savor top food and wine pairings. Make a trip out of it by staying at one of the exclusive cabanas or pitch a tent at the campsite for peak summer festival vibes.

La Paulée

La Paulée Burgundy Festival is an exclusive wine event in New York City, created in honor of La Paulée de Meursault, which takes place in Burgundy, France. The original event highlights Burgundian growers and wine lovers at the end of the harvest season, and the U.S. version has been following in a similar vein since 2000. In 2024, the festivities occurred both in New York City and Los Angeles, and in previous years they have also taken place in Aspen and San Francisco.

Top Burgundy wineries show off their best bottles at several tastings, meals, and seminars, culminating with the Gala Dinner, a highly revered occasion in the world of fine wines. For this last event, festival guests each show up with a bottle of Burgundy from their cellars, resulting in a luxurious mishmash of some of the most esteemed wines on and off the market. Attending the festival is not cheap, but any Burgundy lover knows it's worth it for the chance to taste rare unicorn wines.

New York Wine Experience

Wine Spectator, an esteemed American wine magazine, is the host of the New York Wine Experience, which has been going strong for over 40 years. The magazine is a well-rounded source of knowledge in the world of wine, making this festival an excellent occasion to discover exciting sips and educational tidbits. The publication rates wines based on a 100-point scale; all the bottles poured at the event scored 90 points or higher, serving oenophiles the cream of the crop.

The weekend-long event features multiple tasting experiences, seminars, luncheons, and an exclusive Champagne reception. Purchase the Weekend Package to avoid missing any events and to taste rare and limited wines from the world's best vineyards and wineries. Attendees will also have the chance to meet winemakers and other important vineyard and winery players to get the full background on what's in their glass. To pair with the tastings, guests can munch on a buffet of exquisite bites.

Maryland Wine Festival

The Maryland Wine Festival in Caroll County has been a regional mainstay for the past 40 years. The event takes place on a historic farm and features a lot more than just wine. Guests can soak in the natural setting while listening to live music and scoping out local artisanal wares. There's plenty of food to go around too, making this single-day event the perfect occasion to satisfy your taste buds.

Purchase an Explorer Pass for an elevated experience and enjoy the Maryland Wine Explorer Village where you can taste regional wines produced in limited quantities. Or, stick with the General Admission and enjoy the convivial atmosphere of the Main Field, where wine samples flow. Grape wines are poured alongside assorted fruit wines, offering visitors a chance to taste a wide variety of local drinks. There are over 80 wineries in the area, making this yearly festival an excellent place to taste classic and hybrid grape varieties.

Vintage Illinois

Vintage Illinois takes place around fall harvest time in Utica, bringing together wine lovers from all over the state. It's been ongoing since 2003 and continues to expand as word of it gets out beyond state borders. The weekend event is hosted by the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association and highlights the best of the region with local wines, food, crafts, and entertainment at every turn. Twenty or so wineries are featured at the festival, pouring grape and assorted fruit-based beverages for visitors.

Get comfy and set up a spot to lounge at the outdoor park venue while you sip on local products and satiate your appetite with hearty bites. Live music playing all afternoon keeps the atmosphere fun and festive, making Vintage Illinois an all-around great time. Once you're done tasting, explore one of the state parks in the vicinity or stroll around Utica on foot.


It's no surprise that Texas is the location of the largest wine festival in the Southwest, a four-day fall event called GrapeFest. Fittingly, it takes place on Main Street in Grapevine, making it all the more wine-centric as the street closes down to house the multitude of activities. The event features both international and Texan wines, making it the perfect stop to discover a wide array of products. Explore a Rosé Rendezvous at the gazebo, sip international wines at the plaza, or embark on Grapevine's very own Urban Wine Trail.

Wine connoisseurs will want to get a VIP ticket to the People's Choice Wine Tasting Classic, a large consumer-led competition highlighting Texas' best in several categories. If you're more of a hands-on (or shall we say, feet-on) attendee, the GrapeStomp is your chance to test your skills at transforming pounds of grapes into juice in the hopes of winning the Purple Foot Award. Meanwhile, more adventurous folks can try the Champagne Cork Shoot-Off contest, though it's worth noting that a flying Champagne cork can be a serious danger. Don't miss the live concerts, family entertainment, marketplace, and more at this decades-old Texan festival.

Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta

Santa Fe, New Mexico, hosts an annual Wine & Chile Fiesta, highlighting two popular local products. First occurring in 1991 as a small one-day event, it has since expanded into a five-day bonanza featuring almost 100 wineries and over 60 restaurants. Select local chefs create tantalizing menus showcasing regional flavors, pairing them with national and international wines. Of course, chiles show up on all the menus, most notably on Chile Friday, a celebration of the versatile ingredient.

Sommeliers from near and far are involved in sharing knowledge with festival attendees, making the event a blend of tastes from around the world. The Grand Tasting is the place to discover novel sips in a relaxed atmosphere with live music and grilled bites. Tastings featuring specific styles of wine are also on the schedule, offering patrons the chance to deep dive into new and familiar bottles. Seminars, luncheons, and cooking demos add to the bustling atmosphere and ensure guests are anything but bored.

Art of Wine

The Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas, has been hosting Art of Wine for over 20 years, giving the southern state plenty of cred among foodies and oenophiles. The event raises funds for the Arts Center, which serves as an important community hub for creative endeavors and education. As such, art and music feature closely alongside the bottles of wine at this buzzing occasion.

Uncorked! is the tasting event of the hour and consists of an evening of delicious wines paired with small bites. Guests can purchase a General Admission or spring for the Reserve Room access or an Express Pass. As well, tasting rooms highlighting certain styles of wine such as sparkling or rosé make it easy to narrow in on what you love. There is usually a yearly winemaker's dinner to complement the festivities and give wine lovers the chance to get nerdy with details and facts.