Coconut Nectar Is The Natural Simple Syrup Alternative To Try In Your Cocktails

Simple syrup is pretty amazing. Whether you are making a smooth old-fashioned, a Ramos gin fizz, or a pitcher of sweet Long Island tea — simple syrup is a critical ingredient to add sweetness. Generally comprised of equal parts sugar and water to create a syrup that dissolves evenly in beverages, simple syrup adds a layer of complexity to pretty much anything you are sipping on. However, if you are on a no-white sugar health kick but still want to add natural sweetness to your cocktails, coconut nectar should be on your radar.

Are sugar substitutes good for you? Some are better than others and coconut nectar is among those that are good. Coconut nectar is best described as the sap that is extracted from the flowers of a coconut tree. It is heated until its viscosity is thick but before fructose can form in great quantities. This low level of fructose is what separates coconut nectar from other alternative sweeteners. It is low-glycemic, meaning it won't cause your blood sugar to spike. Its flavor profile is also the perfect addition to a variety of drinks. 

What coconut nectar tastes like

The flavor of coconut nectar can be a range for your tastebuds, but don't expect it to taste the same as coconut milk or flakes. While coconut nectar can have subtle floral notes, it's best described as a combination of light maple syrup and molasses. And some people find that it can end up having a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. You probably won't taste it when mixed with other flavors in a cocktail. However, baked goods might be another story. 

To substitute simple syrup with coconut nectar you can do a 1:1 ratio for your cocktails. This ingredient is perfect for a refreshing mojito or even in a New York sour. That said, there are no studies to confirm that coconut nectar is better for you than refined sugar, so don't add more coconut nectar than you need to craft your boozy drinks.