Hell's Kitchen Has Officially Been Renewed For 2 More Seasons

Gordan Ramsay may already be the most successful man in the world of food, and he is showing no signs of slowing down as Fox Network's "Hell's Kitchen" has just been renewed for its 23rd and 24th seasons. If there is one thing that is true about Ramsay, it's that he is a wildly accomplished Michelin-starred chef. And if there is a second thing that's true, it's that he is on television all the time. 

Ramsay has hosted, starred in, or put his name on almost two dozen shows in Britain and the United States over the last few decades, from big hits like "MasterChef" and "Kitchen Nightmares" to completely forgotten game shows like "Gordon Ramsay's Bank Balance." But through 20-plus years of Ramsay fame, "Hell's Kitchen" has been his flagship series. The show has mostly remained in the same format for its long run, with Ramsay splitting up the chefs into a red and blue team and most seasons having the teams divided by gender. 

That formula has been shaken up more in recent years, with Season 18's "Rookies vs. Veterans" pitting chefs who had been on the show before against new cooks, and Season 21 adopting a young versus old split with teams of 20-somethings and 40-somethings. No change to the format has yet been announced for the new seasons. However, there is one new wrinkle, as the show will be filmed in Connecticut's Foxwoods Casino where Ramsay's new "Hell's Kitchen" restaurant recently opened.

'Hell's Kitchen's' new season is headed to the Northeast

The first 18 seasons of "Hell's Kitchen" were mostly shot in Los Angeles, but moved to Las Vegas for the 19th and 20th seasons. Gordon Ramsay's first "Hell's Kitchen" restaurant opened in 2018 in Vegas, and claims to have sold over 1 million servings of Ramsay's specialty, the famous U.K. dish Beef Wellington, over the last six years. The mini-chain has since gone on to open a total of seven locations in spots like Miami and Washington, D.C., including the Foxwoods location that opened last year — a testament to the enduring appeal of Ramsay and the "Hell's Kitchen" brand. The show moved back to L.A. for two seasons following the pandemic, before its new move to Connecticut.

The most recent "Hell's Kitchen" season, 22, featured the theme "American Dream," and hosted contestants who had faced serious hardship in their lives. The winner ended up being Ryan O'Sullivan, an immigrant from Cork, Ireland, who quite literally achieved the American Dream by coming to this country completely broke and ascending to becoming chef de cuisine at a high-end restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida. 

While no theme has been announced yet for these next two seasons, the recent creative blending of formats and competitors has added new twists to a cooking show that was already known for explosive moments and mixing up teams at Ramsay's whim. For longtime fans of the show, we're sure the chef will cook up something special for the competition's first season in its new location.