You Can Probably Guess Which Country Drinks The Most Coca-Cola

We may think of burgers, hot dogs, and apple pie when we imagine quintessentially American foods, but when it comes to beloved beverages in the U.S., few are more iconic than Coca-Cola. Not only do we adore the drink, but we show our love by downing plenty of it. Shocking absolutely no one, the U.S. drinks more Coke than any other country in 2024, according to data from World Population Review. Americans consume a total of 39,300 million liters of the sugary soda every year, beating the second-place finisher, Mexico, which drinks 19,500 million liters. Although as much as the latter enjoys the beverage, you'll find slight differences in sweetener if you try Mexican Coke

China, Brazil, and Japan are also avid Coca-Cola lovers, per the report, while countries such as Poland, Iran, and Nepal trail the list by consuming only about 100 million liters total. But while the latter nations still dabble in the soda, you won't find much of it in Cuba, North Korea, or Russia, where the brand has little to no presence — and, in fact, the cola company just recently exited Russia in 2022. But while the U.S. guzzles down more Coke than any other country, it comes in second for overall soda consumption per capita. The top spot in this case, per additional data from World Population Review, goes to Argentina, which drinks approximately 155 liters per capita annually.

From nine to 1.9 billion servings consumed daily

Also unsurprising is the country where Coca-Cola was originally invented — and if you guessed that it's the same nation that consumes the most of the drink, you'd be correct. The soda has only been around since 1886, when it was first served in Atlanta, Georgia. A pharmacist called Dr. John Stith Pemberton dreamed up the syrup, then tested it out at the nearby Jacobs' Pharmacy. At first, Coca-Cola only sold nine drinks per day on average, for five cents each. It wasn't until 1892 that the Coca-Cola Company was formed in the U.S., which still boasts headquarters in its original home in Atlanta.

Today, more than 200 countries down over 1.9 billion servings of Coke daily, according to The Coca-Cola Company. The brand has introduced canned cocktails, collaborated with artists like Rosalía and Marshmello, and even embarked on a journey to become kosher. After World War II, the company acquired a plethora of other beverage brands, including Fanta, Minute Maid, and Sprite, and entered into an exclusive partnership with McDonald's that has lasted over 60 years, further cementing its status as an iconic American drink.