The 14 Best Places To Get Tacos In Las Vegas

A dining-scene juggernaut, Las Vegas is home to just about every kind of food imaginable. It excels in bringing celebrated chefs to The Strip and in cultivating its own, hyper-regional Las Vegas food scene, as well. Despite the overwhelming influx of buzzy chefs and big names, one of the best dishes to enjoy in Las Vegas is still the humble taco.

Thanks to its location in the Southwest and its synergetic dining scene, the tacos in Las Vegas, by and large, score high marks for authenticity, flavor, and price. But with dozens of options, those wanting to steer clear of the lesser tacos need look no further than our curation of the best spots in Las Vegas. This list was compiled by looking at online reviews and locals' opinions on message boards like Reddit, as well as a handful of personal taste-testing selections. If you're in the Vegas area on Taco Tuesday or any other day of the week, these are the tastiest spots to get your Sin City taco fix.

Letty's de Leticia's Cocina

Downtown Las Vegas has so much to offer. It stands apart from the heart of the tourist-ravaged Strip, but it still is an epicenter for sights, activities, and good food. Letty's de Leticia's Cocina is a fabulous, humble spot for tacos, located just a little ways away from the big attractions downtown in a charming building.

Letty's Street Tacos can come with either carne asada, carnitas, grilled chicken, al pastor, or rajas con queso, and come topped with chopped onions, cilantro, and lime. There's also the guisados tacos to consider, filled with your choice of pork or chicken mole, chicken tinga, steak ranchero, cochinita pibil, rajas con queso, or nopalitos a la Mexicana. And you can't go wrong with the doradito crispy taco, decked out with chorizo, refried beans, cream, and queso cotija.

The rajas con queso, which are poblano peppers in cheese, will satisfy the vegetarians involved. The Chilanga tacos also come highly reviewed online. For an unfussy but elevated experience, Letty's is a must-try.

(702) 476-9477

807 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

The Taco Stand

Small, regional chains have a certain kind of charm that distinguishes them from both nationwide franchises and stand-alone spots. The Taco Stand is one such small chain, with 13 locations largely centered around California, and only one in Nevada. Its slogan "Hecho a Mano," speaks to one of this location's main selling points: its handmade tortillas.

The offerings here run the gamut from classic to pleasantly atypical. Typical tacos include carne asada with 100% certified Angus beef, al pastor, and pollo asado. There are also highly-reviewed fish tacos, camaron (spicy shrimp) tacos, and the well-loved Sonora tacos, which feature a flour tortilla, Angus steak (100% certified Angus beef), melted cheese, beans, guacamole, onions, cilantro, and salsa. There are two options for vegetarians, nopal tacos filled with yummy cactus and mushroom tacos, either of which can be modified to be dairy-free. Located just off The Strip on Spring Mountain, The Taco Stand is a quality staple of the Vegas taco landscape.

(702) 268-8762

3616 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Bomb Tacos

Is this taco spot any good? In this case, it's all in the name: Bomb Tacos serves bomb tacos. This restaurant delivers some of Las Vegas' favorite flavors, and online reviewers have a few favorites that get name-dropped online. One such highlight from reviewers is the spicy shrimp tacos; another popular choice is the gringo tacos. The birria tacos (birria is a traditional Mexican dish of beef or goat stew often used as taco filling), are also saluted by restaurant-goers.

Bomb Tacos, which has two locations, one near Spring Valley and West Sahara, and the other between Green Valley North and Downtown South, is a surprising favorite among those with dietary restrictions as well, with reviewers commenting on the shop's flexibility. Other taco offerings include (but are subject to occasional change) shrimp diablo, grilled chicken, al pastor, and even crispy mushroom and potato asada, which allows the vegetarian and vegan diners of the city to indulge in some of the best tacos in Las Vegas, too.

Multiple locations

El Norte

Serving delicious tacos to the residents and passers-by of Las Vegas for over 25 years, El Norte is the quintessence of quality, staple regional cuisine. Farther North than most other taco spots on this list, El Norte has a relatively non-descript exterior in the neighborhood of Elkhorn.

El Norte's tacos are divided into two categories on its menu: tacos and street tacos. The street tacos all come with the timeless combination of onion and cilantro and are filled with typical protein. There's carne asada, carnitas (which also includes pico), chicken, birria, and al pastor. There are a few little points of variation on the menu, such as the shrimp tacos that come with avocado, Baja slaw, pickled onions, and chipotle mayo. The same goes for the fish tacos, while the chicken or beef tacos come topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, and cotija cheese. The response online shares one common thread. El Norte is a gem of authenticity. The spot may be a little out of the way if you're not already in the area, but it's one of the best places in Las Vegas for tacos.

(702) 209-3406

7540 Oso Blanca Rd #150, Las Vegas, NV 89149

Tacos La Carreta

Not many places for tacos in Las Vegas, and even other major cities in the U.S., offer top-notch quality for under $3 a taco. Tacos La Carreta, a hole-in-the-wall in the Spring Valley area of Vegas, is one such rarefied locale. The options for tacos at Tacos La Carreta include asada, al pastor, chorizo, chicken, lengua, barbacoa, and beef tripa, which is the edible lining of a cow's stomach. Carreta also serves tacos dorados, which are potato deep-fried tacos.

Though the location is so under the radar that it may, at first glance, seem off-putting, online reviews for this spot are exceptional. Reviewers praise the freshness, flavor, and authenticity of its cooking. The (sometimes grilled) onions here get particular praise as well. Earning high marks for price, and for the flavor specifically of the carne asada and al pastor tacos, this is truly one of the best spots in Las Vegas for tacos. Plus there's more than just tacos available at this location, so on the (very, very) off chance you're not craving tacos, Tacos La Carreta still has you covered.

(702) 889-0702

9010 W Flamingo Rd A , Las Vegas, NV 89147

Abuela's Tacos

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a restaurant called Abuela's Tacos, this spot is praised by online reviewers for its familial atmosphere and its authenticity. Abuela's Tacos, a local staple, operates out of the State Streets area, about a 20-minute drive from The Strip. For its home-style Mexican and a homey feel to complement it, Abuela's Tacos is one of the best spots for tacos in Vegas.

The tortillas here are made in-house. Tacos, as listed on Abuela's Tacos' online menu, include a choice between classic meat fillings, like asada, barbacoa, and chicken. Diners can also have their tacos with lengua, otherwise known as beef tongue, and chicharron verde, which is a pork belly stew that often serves as taco filling. The most distinctive part of the restaurant's menu is proclaimed at the top of its website: "Exclusive Home of the Hot Cheetos Taco." These tacos actually incorporate Hot Cheetos into the tortilla, and are described by many reviewers as a must-try. Portions here aren't skimpy (possibly to a fault, some reviewers do consider the homemade tortillas a hair too thick), and the price for one taco starts at $2.99. Abuela gets bonus points for being a favorite local resource for taco catering.

(702) 431-0284

4225 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104

El Tacontento

You know the sublime happiness and contentment you get after eating a really, really tasty taco? That's exactly what you can expect at El Tacontento, a favorite local taco truck in the Las Vegas area. Near the North Las Vegas airport, if there's a taco truck on this list worth making an excursion for, it's El Tacontento.

The quesobirria here is lauded online, and reviewers especially appreciate the accompanying side serving of consommé, which is a flavorful meat broth used in different variations across the world. The handmade tortillas hawked here are also a selling point and a fan favorite of the El Tacontento fare. The tripas tacos at El Tanconento are referred to by some reviewers as the best in town. If you want to do a taste test to prove this theory, it luckily won't break the bank: Prices at this taco truck are refreshingly reasonable. Tacontento, indeed.

(702) 559-5810

2401 N Rancho Dr #3315, Las Vegas

Tacos Por Favor

Tacos Por Favor is a refrain you've likely uttered many times, and this location for tacos in Vegas will surely make that a regular occurrence. Tucked into the Rhodes Ranch Town Center Plaza, Tacos Por Favor commands high reviews on Yelp and Google Reviews alike. Serving "All Things Birria," its birria tacos are a frequent mention in reviews, with extra love for the consommé dipping sauce. The street tacos are offered in asada, chicken, and pork, with onions, cilantro, and salsa. There's also the Super Taco, featuring pico de gallo, cheese, salsa, beans, and sour cream.

Though the prices received mixed reviews online, the food itself is applauded, and the birria tacos are the pièce de résistance for first-time visitors. This food truck is just slightly off-Strip, making it perfect for both adventurous tourists and locals who don't want to come too close to the hub of Las Vegas' tourism industry.

(408) 507-0694

610 E Sahara Las Vegas, NV 89104

Bajamar Seafood and Tacos

A love of tacos is only seemingly amplified by the other great culinary passion people tend to possess: a love for seafood. Many taco places do have an offering or two for the fish lovers among us, but those who want a little more oomph and specialization can head to Bajamar Seafood and Tacos, which specializes in marine tacos.

Bajamar has two locations in the Las Vegas area. You can find the seafood stronghold either in the midst of The Strip's hustle and bustle or out on Blue Diamond Road near the Desert Hills. One point of distinction from your average taco joint is the spicy octopus tacos it offers. These come with sautéed octopus with chile de arbol (bird's beak peppers), mozzarella cheese, cabbage, pico de gallo, chipotle and aioli sauces. The Marlin taco also stands strong, with its smoked tuna, chopped California pepper, mozzarella cheese, cabbage, pico de gallo, chipotle, and aioli sauce.

The price point at Bajamar is markedly higher than many other spots on this list, but online reviews insist that they are worth every penny. So if you don't mind paying $8.50 for a taco, try the Surf and Turf tacos, which feature both grilled shrimp and grilled steak topped with pico de gallo, guacamole, and fried onion strings for an unforgettable Vegas taco experience.

Multiple locations


The growing movement of plant-based tacos finds its poster child in Tacotarian. This spot is on the far end of The Strip past the STRAT hotel and offers patrons a leisurely beach vibe to complement its fully plant-based tacos. This means that the tacos served here cater to both vegetarians and vegans, though they're so tasty that more than a few carnivores are likely to indulge.

The tacos feature plant-based protein where applicable, like the Beyond beef and Gardein meatless chicken. But its tacos also feature other alternatives that don't as strongly evoke the exact taste and texture of meat: Find tacos filled with jackfruit, plantains, refried beans, and portobello mushrooms. Tacotarian even has a house-made seitan, which is a gluten-based meat substitute that will likely remind you of chicken. The Veggie tacos come complete with mashed potato, mushroom, onion, roasted poblano pepper, corn, garlic, lettuce, cilantro-lime dressing, and pico de gallo. Another good option is the Baja tacos, featuring beer-battered avocado in lieu of fish. Feeling tacotarian and proud? Go out on the granddaddy of all limbs with the giant taco, which features fries, your choice of protein, refried beans, house nacho cheese, lettuce, guac, pico, crema, salsa Morita, and cheddar cheese.

Multiple locations

China Poblano

For one of the most fascinating and atypical taco experiences in Las Vegas, check out China Poblano. As the name suggests, the restaurant is a collision of Chinese and Mexican culinary techniques and traditions.

China Poblano comes courtesy of celebrated chef and restaurateur, Jose Andrés. Tacos on this menu do not start out cheap ($6 per taco being the baseline), but what it lacks in economy it more than makes up for in invention. Take, for example, the Viva China tacos, which feature crispy beef tendon, Szechuan-soy sauce, raw oyster, and green onions. The nopales y queso serves up vegetarian tacos with flare, coming with seared queso fresco, salt-cured cactus, toasted pumpkin seeds, onions, cilantro, and salsa molcajete. Other highlights include the Yukon Gold potato tacos and the chicken tacos, which feature charred green onions and chile pequin. China Poblano's ambiance certainly ranks it among the best photo-op-worthy destinations for tacos, too, considering its chic spot in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

(702) 698-7900

Boulevard Tower, 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S Level 2, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Tacos El Gordo

When scouring online reviews and message boards, one name pops up time and time again as the crown jewel of Sin City taco eateries: Tacos El Gordo. This mini-chain has four locations in the Las Vegas area; one in North Las Vegas, one in Downtown South, one on The Strip, and one by Harry Reid International Airport. Touting authentic Tijuana tacos, handmade corn tortillas, and salsas made from scratch, esteem for Tacos El Gordo is almost universally held.

The tacos on the menu here include staples like carne asada and chorizo tacos. There are also tacos with lengua, tripa, beef brisket, beef head, and pork stomach. The Azteca tacos may be the most divergent offerings here, which are served with grilled beef and cactus. While I might be sticking to El Gordo's quesadillas these days, once upon a time I was not a vegetarian and thoroughly enjoyed the chorizo tacos. Depending on which location you visit and at what time, Tacos El Gordo tends to be bustling, but if you're in the Las Vegas area, it's an unmissable pit stop.

Multiple locations

Taqueira 2 Carnales

This little spot, located near the Harry Reid International Airport and Sunset Park, is home to some of the best-reviewed Mexican fare in the area. Taqueria 2 Carnales (sometimes referred to online and on social media as Juanito's Kitchen Taqueria 2 Carnales) offers standard, high-quality favorites at low prices. Its tacos come filled with a choice of protein, including al pastor, asada, cabeza (beef head), chicken, carne Arabe (pork), and lengua. A typical street-style offering, they come adorned with onion, cilantro, and salsa.

Reviewers online particularly call out the carne Arabe as a superior selection. This pork taco filling is the result of the influence of 19th and 20th-century Middle Eastern immigrants, as their culinary traditions mingled with Mexican cuisine. The filling typically features a spicy chipotle sauce. There is also ample online praise for Taqueria 2 Carnales' quessabirria tacos. Rounding out the reasons to visit this great Vegas spot for tacos are the commendations it receives for its welcoming, sunny customer service.

(725) 214-3454

6883 S Eastern Ave #200, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Taqueria Casa de Sabor

Featuring three Las Vegas-area locations with differing degrees of excellence, Casa de Sabor is a mini-chain with a big impact. The tacos, all of which come endorsed by visitors and locals alike, are served with customers' choice of the following fillings: steak, pork, cabeza, buche, chorizo, chicken, lengua, and tripa. There's also a veggie taco (at a slightly lower price point) that's filled with bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

Casa de Sabor's food truck location is generally its most highly reviewed and is located in downtown Las Vegas near Fremont, but you'll need a car to access this location. If that's not in the cards for you, there's a location on West Sahara that scores high marks online for its inclusion of pineapple in its tacos and other dishes. A third location in Paradise offers a similar appeal. Whichever direction you choose to go in quest of these sensational tacos, its low prices are sure to please.

Multiple locations


Tacos are veiled in simplicity, and it's this simplicity that makes their execution all the more crucial. When deciding which taco spots to include in this roundup, reviews were a primary factor in trying to contend with this paradox. Thoughtful reviews that addressed authenticity and flavor were given the most weight, with special consideration for those reviews that came from locals, or from people either of Mexican heritage or with an intimate knowledge of Mexican culinary culture. Under the umbrella of review research, message board discussions from Las Vegas locals were considered as well, because nothing endorses a restaurant quite like a return customer. Price and innovation were then considered as secondary and tertiary factors in the taco experience.

Finally, I considered my own experiences, having visited Vegas many times and having personally taste-tested several of the taco joints in the Las Vegas area. Based on these factors, a list of great places for tacos in the city came to be.