Cream Cheese And Pickle Roll-Ups Are An Easy Appetizer Everyone Will Enjoy

Appetizers are loved by all — except, maybe, by those that are in charge of making them. While small nibbles and noshes are an excellent way to satisfy a crowd, a fair bit of time and effort are usually required to craft the offerings. This is precisely why it's worth having a couple of simple recipes up your sleeve when you need to whip up something in a flash. Of the handful of apps to consider crafting, we recommend opting for the always iconic cream cheese and pickle roll-ups.

Roll-ups make the perfect appetizer for a surplus of reasons. They only require a handful of ingredients, which also happen to be quite cost-effective — all you need is some cream cheese, whole or speared pickles, and a few slices of deli meat. They don't require much finesse either; nor do they take much time to put together. It's simply a matter of spreading softened cream cheese onto a slice of meat, before adding a pickle to the center. After carefully wrapping the bundle, the roll-ups can be briefly refrigerated and sliced. Just like that, the apps can be served.

A no-frills recipe, roll-ups effortlessly deliver big flavors thanks to the presence of savory deli meat, tangy pickles, and decadent cream cheese. Moreover, they provide textural variety, offering crunch alongside velvety lusciousness. At their most basic, they even boast visual appeal, but that doesn't mean roll-ups can't be further enhanced into something that exceeds expectations.

To elevate pickle roll-ups, try this

The great thing about cream cheese and pickle roll-ups is that the recipe lends itself to endless customization. You can experiment with all sorts of pickle varieties whether that be sweet gherkins, garlicky koshers, zesty cornichons, or herby dill spears. Similarly, any deli meat can be used from smoked pastrami to honey-glazed ham, herbed turkey to rich roast beef, or spicy salami. As for the cream cheese, it can be whipped for a fluffier consistency, and it can also be mixed with goat cheese, everything bagel seasoning, red pepper jelly, or a dollop of miso paste — you can even use creamy pimento cheese as a base filling!

To amplify cheesy goodness, sprinkle in shredded cheddar or blue cheese crumbles. Conversely, to impart more nuanced flavor, work in a swipe of grainy mustard, splash of tabasco, or drizzle of honey. Otherwise, layer anything from caramelized onions to sliced banana peppers to smoked nuts into the roll-ups for increased texture and flavor.

As for how to garnish the appetizers, finish them with freshly chopped herbs or crunchy fried onions. They can also be accompanied by a dipping sauce like a maple-laced mustard or creamy buttermilk ranch dressing. With so many possibilities to enhance cream cheese and pickle roll-ups, these appetizers (and all their endless variations) are sure to be a hit.