Duff Goldman's Leveling Tip For Evenly Cut Layered Cakes Every Time

Achieving perfectly even layers can make or break a cake. From preventing it from toppling over to ensuring every bite has the perfect ratio of cake to filling, there are plenty of reasons to take care in cutting cake layers. But for those looking for a pro tip, turn to none other than Duff Goldman — the cake master himself — and his foolproof method for cutting perfectly level cake layers every single time. Say goodbye to uneven slices and searching for the right knife, because Duff's got you covered.

So, what's his secret? It's all about the right tools. Duff uses a cake leveler aka a cake saw to ensure each layer is perfectly level. The result is straight, even cuts that stack up beautifully. But, even with the right tools, mistakes can happen. 

To ensure the cut is clean and straight, Duff places the feet of the leveler on the table and gently saws back and forth, letting the sharp blade do all of the work. With the table guiding the cake leveler, he effortlessly creates uniform layers that are ready to be stacked, filled, and frosted to perfection.

Check online for entry-level cake levelers

For best results, make sure your cake is completely cooled before slicing and use a gentle sawing motion to avoid tearing the delicate crumb. If you're feeling extra fancy, consider investing in an adjustable cake leveler, which allows you to customize the height of your layers with ease.

Luckily, cake levelers are readily available at cookware stores like Williams Sonoma. Online retailers such as Amazon also carry this baking tool at a range of affordable prices from trusted brands like Wilton. You can likely find this tool at crafts stores that carry some baking supplies, such as Michaels, too. 

With a little bit of technique and the right tools, you'll be cutting cake like a pro in no time. So go ahead, grab your cake leveler, and let the slicing begin. And, if you only need to level the top of your cake, you can make do with just a spoon.