The Best Beverage Devices We Saw At TIHS 2024

A beverage can take many forms. Whether you love soda, coffee, or you prefer a refreshing summer cocktail, everyone has a specific drink that's their go-to. At The Inspired Home Show in Chicago this weekend, Tasting Table had the opportunity to learn about some of the exciting beverage-related products on the market. We've compiled a list of the ones we felt stood out and are must-haves for fun drink lovers everywhere.

You might not think that certain items can improve your beverage experience that much, but you'd be surprised. The items in this list give you more control and creativity, turning your beverages into higher-quality products. These items are certain to be a game-changer for your kitchen. Some of them will let you say goodbye to needing to purchase certain beverages like oat milk or cold brew ever again. If you've spent a good amount of time in your kitchen experimenting with cooking meals, make 2024 the year you experiment with making beverages.

Shine Rapid Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Machine with Vacuum Extraction from Tribest

You can create smooth cold brewed coffee or tea in as little as 10 minutes with this machine. The vacuum extraction technology filters your beverage to remove bitterness while also increasing the amount of antioxidants in your drinks. The strength of your brew can also be customized via the four available settings, from a lighter brew to an intensely bold beverage. With double filtration, the Shine Rapid delivers a flavorful and easy-to-drink iced coffee or tea, and it ensures cold brews a clear rather cloudy.

Tribest CEO William Choi explained, "It's a real timesaver. And there's the convenience factor — you don't have to babysit your cold brew, and you get consistent flavor each time you make it." Plus, as Choi demonstrated at TIHS, the negative pressure from the device makes for an excellent infuser with uses that go beyond breakfast drinks. Inspired by a craving for jello shots, he found he could add flavor to alcohols with the device, which he demonstrated by preparing a fresh strawberry-infused vodka. Regardless of how you use it, Choi sees benefits for all.

The Pinter

Bring the experience of your favorite breweries into your kitchen. Simply add your brewing ingredients and water into the Pinter (pronounced pint, like the beer, plus -er), and within a few days, you'll have freshly brewed beer to enjoy at home. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at homebrewing, this product is perfect for you. It streamlines the entire process into just a few simple steps for you to follow, all relayed via phone app and video demonstration, and makes for a delicious activity. After you've brewed your IPA or sour, your finished brew stays fresh for up to 30 days and creates around 12 pints.

The 2020 invention was a product of the pandemic, but Chief Innovation Officer Alex Dixon and U.S. CEO Paul Benner are finding plenty of opportunities to keep integrating new ideas for the brewer. Dixon and Benner are focused on collaborating with U.S. breweries for future brew kits, to bring regional flavors to home drinkers. They're also quick to point out the careful engineering around the latest iteration of the barrel shape, which remains sealed against the aging effects of oxygen as pressure pushes out a pint. "It just works. It's heavily engineered, but you as a customer would never know why that is, and that's the point," said Benner.

Whiskey Tasting Set from Peugeot

A true whiskey connoisseur knows the importance of glass shape and temperature for enjoying the best flavor profile while tasting whiskey. This whiskey-tasting set from Peugeot takes these two elements and implements them into the product. Strikingly named Les Impitoyables — meaning "the ruthless" but also "the cold" — the uniquely shaped glasses in this set offer an aromatic experience and mouthfeel as you sip, and the metal chilling base keeps your glass cold as you taste. The brand recommends using this product with high-quality whiskeys, or brandies such as cognac, giving you an optimal tasting experience.

This tasting set is a bestseller for the brand. Sidney Venelklase, marketing manager for the French brand, explained, "There's nothing to wash, more surface area to cool your drink, and it doesn't contaminate your whiskey." She added that the company, best known for its pepper mills, views the tool as another aspect of Peugeot's emphasis on "social hosting," the French idea of accommodating and caring for guests.

Ultrasonic Accelerators from iSonic

This product speeds up the aging process for whiskey to give you a more robust spirit in just two to four hours. It also aerates red wine in under 20 minutes and, according to iSonic founder Jerry Fan, can even infuse cold brew coffee in 30 minutes. The lower the alcohol content, the faster it's finished. The multifunctional beverage product uses aeration to create deeper flavors and aromas in your drinks, giving them the higher quality taste of fine, aged liquor without a higher price. In addition to aging and aeration, you can also use this device to infuse, extract, and encapsulate your drinks.

It took two years for Fan to create the device, which taps into his background in ultrasonic machinery, and he developed it after seeing others try and fail to apply the technique. The bigger hurdle than the technology, however, is convincing people to try it. "Half the people I speak to don't believe it," said Fan. "They think it's a gimmick. But once they do taste it, they say they can tell the difference."

LUX Stainless Steel Carbonation Machine from Drinkmate

Have you ever wanted to try carbonated iced coffee or a sparkling version of your favorite juice? The LUX soda maker turns any cold beverage into a fizzy, sparkling one. You can even carbonate unexpected liquids such as wine or turn your flat beers into bubbly brews again. Other soda makers can be limited in what liquids are compatible with the machine, but the LUX soda maker's compatibility with a variety of liquids is what makes it such a versatile and unique product.

Customers have tested the machine's limits, even successfully managing to carbonate milk, according to CEO Douglas Wang. Questionable concoctions aside, Wang says adults and kids alike enjoy experimenting with their liquid of choice. "You can see the excitement," said Wang, who adds that friends urged him to make the device to set his brand apart from other seltzer-makers. "It's more fun than water."