The New Product Natalie Sideserf Is Releasing To Improve Your Hyper-Realistic Cakes - Exclusive

Making hyper-realistic cakes is no easy feat, and Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf Cake Studio has been working on it for years. Throughout her cake-making journey, Sideserf has identified the qualities that make a design successful and the factors that contribute to failure. By now, she's tried countless materials and tools to make her edible sculptures, weeding out the duds and focusing on those that offer consistent results. With all of that hands-on experience, it's no surprise that she has created a material to assist home bakers.

In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Sideserf divulges everything you need to know about the edible clay product she's about to release. The material is such a staple of Sideserf's cakes, that she says, "I couldn't make them look hyper-realistic without the edible clay." A rolling pin will come in handy too, but the final result wouldn't be the same without this molding clay. Whether you're trying to fool your friends with a unique design or looking for kid-friendly material, you'll definitely want to get your hands on the stuff.

How does Natalie use edible clay to make her cakes?

Sideserf's hyper-realistic cakes start with a classic cake that she cuts into the desired shape, filling it with green buttercream as her signature touch before adding edible clay. "What I do is I roll it out and then I place it on top of the cake and then I sculpt it," she explains. This allows her to shape the cake more easily, adding curves and texture to its design. 

Sideserf's YouTube channel is packed with examples if you want to experiment with making a detailed cake, but she points out, "Kids could treat it more just like a regular clay — only you get to eat it, of course."

The idea of edible clay might not sound appetizing until you learn that it's actually modeling chocolate. "I call it edible clay because the texture and the way it sculpts is so similar to clay," she says. And, when eaten, it has a rich chocolate flavor that tastes delicious layered over cake or eaten solo, which certainly beats designs made with fondant.

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