Soak Peaches In Bourbon For A Sweet Infusion Your Cocktails Need

Bourbon cocktails are some of the best drinks around. Cocktails ranging from the classic old fashioned to the refreshing mint julep to the sour whiskey smash have long been fan favorites, and it's all thanks to the smooth yet sophisticated flavor that makes the spirit so approachable and enjoyable. It's hard to believe that bourbon could ever be better than it already is, but we have a suggestion that can do just that. For a sweet and unique twist on your bourbon, try infusing it with peaches. The beauty of bourbon is in its complexity. 

Depending on the brand, age, and production process of a bourbon, it can possess a wide variety of flavors. Common tasting notes in bourbon include sweet ones like fresh fruit, vanilla, and brown sugar, as well as more savory ones like smoke, spice, and herbs. Fresh peaches pair well with both ends of this spectrum, offering complementary juicy and floral flavors that can highlight the more confectionary notes while juxtaposing the heavier, more contrasting ones. Either way, the taste of peach creates a one-of-a-kind backdrop against which the most interesting characteristics of your bourbon will stand out.

How to infuse bourbon with peaches

To properly make peach bourbon, you must first choose the right ingredients. Since these peaches will be providing much of the flavor for this project, be sure to pick the perfect peaches for the job — that is to say, ripe ones with a rich yellow color, a slightly soft texture, and a fragrant aroma. On the other hand, there is no need to invest in fancy bourbon, as any of the subtler characteristics found in such spirits will likely be masked by the taste of the peaches. 

Once you've settled on your ingredients, slice up two to three peaches for every pint of bourbon you plan on infusing. Add them to a sterile jar with the spirit and wait for up to a week while it develops in the fridge. Once you are happy with the strength of the peach flavor, strain out the solids, keep the jar in the fridge, and enjoy. Peach-infused bourbon makes an excellent liquor for many drinks. Sweeter, aforementioned classics — such as the mint julep cocktail – will find themselves given new life by the intriguing, nectary undertones of this bourbon, and extra peach flavor would certainly be a hit in a summertime peach whiskey smash.

Meanwhile, more bitter options like the Boulevardier cocktail will benefit from the brightness that the tangy fruit brings to the table. Don't throw out the peaches that you use for this recipe, either. This bourbon-soaked fruit can also be used to bring a boozy bite to other dishes and desserts. We recommend adding them to our blackberry peach cobbler or this seared pork with peach chutney.