A Local Reveals The 10 Best Coffee Shops In Sag Harbor

The East End of Long Island is a destination for city dwellers and tourists alike looking for a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of daily life where they can enjoy their days at a slower pace, breathing in the ocean air, sampling the seafood, and enjoying the artisanal coffee and baked goods. While East Hampton and Montauk are two of the more popular towns on the East End to visit, Sag Harbor is the often-overlooked gem along Sag Harbor Bay where year-round residents have cultivated a community-oriented village and a culinary scene that pays tribute to tradition in its coffee shops while also embracing modern standards for quality and taste.

What makes for a quality coffee shop? The answer to that question is subjective, but we can likely agree that a dependable cup of coffee is one of the main requirements. The rest relies on personal preference: baked goods selection, caffeinated drink options, price point, and overall coffee shop ambiance. As a longtime resident of Long Island who recently moved to a neighboring East End town, I have sampled many coffee spots in Sag Harbor. 

Taking into consideration the dining experience, quality of the coffee, and availability and taste of the baked goods at each location, I've gathered a list of the best coffee shops. I also selected these spots based on my personal experience, verified customer reviews, and reputable local dining sources to bring you top-tier spots to grab coffee during your next visit to Sag Harbor. 

Carissa's Bakery

We begin our journey into Sag Harbor with one of the most exciting bakeries on Long Island, which also happens to be an excellent coffee shop. Carissa's Bakery has three locations across the East End, one in Sag Harbor and two in East Hampton. Carissa's Sag Harbor outpost is a gleaming minimalist coffee shop and bakery that serves food, drinks, and artisanal groceries as take-out only. 

Mouthwatering pastries are within a luxurious glass display framing the counter, including toasted hazelnut mocha croissants, miso chocolate chunk cookies, elevated sandwiches served on baguette halves, and thick slabs of focaccia. To drink, you have all your upscale coffee shop classics done expertly: cortados, flat whites, macchiatos, cold brews, chai lattes, and Americanos. Milk options include your standard whole and skim in addition to trendy dairy-free offerings such as oat milk and pistachio milk, a more sustainable alternative to almond milk

Carissa's serves a proprietary blend of single-origin coffee from East Africa and South America. The roast is medium-dark with an intensely full-bodied flavor. Looking for some comforting decadence? We recommend the rich hot chocolate with house-made marshmallows. Another standout is the matcha beverages, available hot or iced, made with specialty matcha from Yame. Hoping to extend your caffeine fix? Carissa's custom blend drip coffee beans roasted in Brooklyn are available for purchase. Carissa's Bakery is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, so plan your visit accordingly. 


(631) 808-3633

3 Bay St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Grindstone Coffee & Donuts

What better way to start your slow morning on Eastern Long Island than with the time-honored pairing of coffee and donuts? At Grindstone Coffee & Donuts in Sag Harbor, you can enjoy a cup of organic, freshly roasted single-origin coffee with a dizzying number of exquisitely crafted brioche and cake donuts. This community-oriented donut and coffee shop makes its donuts fresh in-house daily and uses local and seasonal ingredients that highlight the agriculture of the East End, including summertime berries bursting with flavor. 

Grindstone's coffee is available in a dark or light roast, and the coffee beans can be purchased in ¾-pound bags for your at-home enjoyment. The light roast is made from beans from Tolima, Columbia, and the dark roast is made with beans from the Aceh region of Sumatra. Both coffees have flavor notes of cherry and brown sugar, with the light roast leaning more toward a citrus flavor and the dark roast embodying a rich, chocolatey decadence.

Expect to find all your classic coffee shop offerings at Grindstone's in addition to several unique beverages such as peanut butter mochas, honey cinnamon lattes, Mexican hot chocolates, and turmeric tea lattes. Alternative milk options include Oatly oat milk, almond milk, and coconut milk. Our favorite donuts are the maple sea salt, the Nutella s'mores, and the classic glazed with a subtle touch of citrus. Grindstone Coffee & Donuts is open every day, even on Christmas.


(631) 808-3370

7A Main St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Sagtown Coffee

One of the wonders of Sag Harbor is how seamlessly the town's culture merges local flavor with elevated culinary offerings sought after by locals, tourists, and city dwellers. At Sagtown Coffee, the marriage of these communities is on full display. At the chic, beach town coffee shop, you can savor La Colombe coffee on tap in the form of a black cold brew, an oat milk draft latte, or a black and tan. 

Other specialty items on the beverage menu reflect the subgenre of wellness-focused trends across the East End, specifically Sagtown's signature Chagaccino: an espresso-based latte over steamed milk or water that is vegan, keto-friendly, and sugar-free. The Chagaccino is Sagtown's wellness twist on a mocha latte that's sweetened with monk fruit and infused with adaptogens. In the same vein, if you're feeling bold, we recommend Sagtown's Bulletproof Coffee, which is available in La Colombe's light or dark roast and is blended with MCT oil and ghee butter, an ingredient that makes the coffee less acidic.

Sagtown sells a variety of La Colombe beans for consumption at home and an one-gallon fridge pack of cold brew on tap. If you're seeking something other than coffee, Sagtown has a variety of freshly made smoothies with greens, fruit, and berries to add a bright spark of flavor and a healthy kick to your afternoon. Sagtown is open every day. 


(631) 725-8696

78 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Jack's Stir Brew Coffee

A prized element of the culinary realm on the East End is the much-welcome relative scarcity of corporate restaurant chains. This means small businesses have the opportunity to serve their community with culinary offerings that reflect the place and often embrace local agriculture. Jack's Stir Brew is the exception to this rule in Sag Harbor, as the coffee chain has locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Eastern Long Island, but its commitment to fostering community bonds and the excellent quality of its organic coffee make it a worthy stop on your East End coffee tour. 

As the name suggests, at Jack's Stir Brew, you have the opportunity to sample the coffeehouse's signature stir-brew coffee, a method of coffee preparation perfected by the founder that's used to help create an even balance of coffee and to extract the fullest flavor out of the coffee beans. To replicate the taste at home, patrons can purchase bags of beans in a variety of blends, including the limited edition Hamptons Beach Blend, featuring a medium roast with rich notes of chocolate and tart citrus. 

All the coffee served at Jack's Stir Brew is organic and sourced ethically from beans harvested in Sumatra and South and Central America. Jack's also offers a robust selection of vegan baked goods, such as sumptuous biscuits, flaky croissants, and nourishing muffins. The shop is open daily.


(631) 899-3111

117 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Sage and Madison

Sage and Madison embodies the dreamy, small-town essence of Sag Harbor in a chic renovated barn where you can shop for local artisanal goods, stay overnight in boutique hotel rooms, and treat yourself to quality cups of locally roasted coffee. The coffee shop's homage to Sag Harbor, the Sunny in Sag coffee blend, is available for purchase in one-pound whole bean bags as well as freshly brewed in the storefront. Expect to taste the nutty flavor of toasted coconut and the sharp brightness of tropical citrus. 

The equally satisfying Barn Blend uses beans harvested from Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Sumatra, is certified organic, fair trade, and roasted in New York like all the bagged coffee beans at Sage and Madison. The coffee shop's dedication to sustainability within the coffee-making process is reflective of its commitment to producing and selling quality goods that are both well-made and ethically sourced. 

However, if you want to switch it up and have tea instead, Sage and Madison also carries an elevated and diverse selection of teas from Paris-based gourmet tea company Mariage Frères. Standout teas include Flower Moon, a blue tea scented with almonds and spices, and Sakura Sakura, a floral green tea with Japanese cherry blossoms. A visit to Sage and Madison is something of a trip in and of itself, so be sure to leave yourself enough time to check out the locally crafted home goods. 


(631) 530-0977

31 Madison St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Modern General Dreamy Coffee Company

Located within Sylvester & Co. Modern General, a contemporary take on the time-honored American general store, is the beloved East End coffee bar, Dreamy Coffee. A women-owned small business serving The Hamptons since 1989, Dreamy Coffee is home to the eponymous Dreamy Coffee roast, available for individual and wholesale purchase, boasting a subtle yet intense chocolatey flavor.

Dreamy Coffee's signature beverage is its freshly made cold brew concentrates, which are sold in 32-ounce bottles in a number of unique flavors, including hazelnut, coconut, and hibiscus tisane, a cold brew tea using hibiscus flowers. All the coffee sold and produced by Dreamy Coffee is certified organic, made in small batches daily, fair trade, and uses filtered water within its brewing facility. The coffee beans are sustainably sourced from Guatemala, Mexico, Ethiopia, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Brazil. 

If you're interested in satisfying your chocolate fix, try the double dark chocolate truffle hot chocolate, which can be savored in-store or purchased in a tin for at-home consumption. Like Sage and Madison, a visit to Dreamy Coffee is so much more than a quick stop for a caffeine boost, as Sylvester & Co. Modern General is filled with one-of-a-kind local artisanal goods that make trips to Sag Harbor special. Dreamy Coffee is open every day except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 


(631) 725-5012

103 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Harbor Market and Kitchen

Harbor Market and Kitchen is a hybrid dining concept: one part corner market, one part specialty kitchen, and one part pastry and coffee shop. A staple in the Sag Harbor community, Harbor Market and Kitchen provides residents and visitors with a warm and inviting environment to spend the afternoon savoring a quality beverage while perusing the aisles for locally sourced groceries and expertly prepared meals to nourish you at home.

All the food served at Harbor Market and Kitchen is made by hand in-house, ensuring quality, nutrition, and flavor. Some standout baked goods we recommend pairing with your beverage of choice include the tangy gingerbread muffin with dried cherries, the rich tahini chocolate brownie, and the tart cherry and Greek yogurt Danish.

On the beverage menu, expect all your cafe standards: macchiatos, americanos, cappuccinos, cold brewed ice coffees, freshly pressed juice, and matcha lattes. While the coffees are solidly dependable, they aren't as artisanal as what's available at several of our other selections, but the variety of the food on offer, the spirit of the folks who prepare it, and the overall market experience make a visit well worth it. The establishment is open daily.


(631) 725-4433

184 Division St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Espresso Da Asporto

Espresso Da Asporto is likely best known as one of Sag Harbor's favorite Italian restaurants and specialty shops where folks can enjoy any number of Italian staples, like freshly made sandwiches on focaccia, homemade pizzas, and sumptuous pasta. But as its name suggests, Espresso Da Asporto also serves coffee — coffee and delicious pastries. Brewing New York's Favorite Coffee, an up-and-coming coffee brand based in Water Mill, Espresso Da Asporoto offers a blend of Arabica beans in a classic mild roast to sample during your visit to the East End. 

While any of the coffees on offer are sure to give you a caffeine jolt, we recommend ordering an espresso rather than a black coffee for the most satisfying experience, as the espresso is prepared fresh by one of the restaurant's talented baristas. Behind an inviting glass display case, an assortment of Italian pastries await. What better way to savor your coffee than with one of Espresso Da Asporto's signature mini crumb cakes available in classic, raspberry walnut, apple, and chocolate? Come for the coffee and stay for the pastries. It's open seven days a week except on Wednesdays from January through February. 


(631) 725-5668

2 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963


Keeping with the trend of Sag Harbor culinary fixtures that fulfill multiple roles within the community is Provisions, a natural foods market and cafe. Provisions has been serving the area for over 30 years with a steadfast commitment to bringing organic and local goods to residents and seasonal visitors without pretension or stuffiness. Provisions' cafe offers breakfast and lunch options with a robust selection of coffee, juices, smoothies, and baked goods. 

The coffee bar is fairly laid back, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in quality. There are two daily options for drip coffee: Thunder Island Montauk Blend and a rotating brew of decaf. The Montauk Blend is Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic and features a combination of medium and French roasted beans from Arabica coffees. The flavor profile is mild with touches of nutty sweetness as well as subtle hints of floral.

Recently, Provisions expanded its cafe offerings to include two different artisanal cold brews: Dreamy Coffee and Red Thread Coffee. The smoothies showcase the wellness focus of Provisions, with highlights including the Vanilla Lightning with banana, rice milk, and vanilla Spiru-tein, and The Hempster with hemp seeds, which are a nutritional addition to any diet, chocolate hemp protein, hemp milk, banana, and peanut butter. Freshly squeezed juices include celery and carrots. Ginger shots are also available for those looking for a boost. It's open daily year-round.


(631) 725-3636

7 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Goldberg's Famous Bagels

Any Sag Harbor local and maybe even any visitor to the island can tell you about Goldberg's Famous Bagels, as the popular chain seems to have a hold on the East End with 13 locations spread across the eastern tip of Long Island. As the name suggests, Goldberg's Famous Bagels is known for its selection of bagels, available as hearty egg sandwiches, toasted with specialty smear, or slathered with butter. Started in 1949, Goldberg's has become synonymous with breakfast for those passing through town, heading to work, or looking to sit down and enjoy their morning in the casual cafeteria-style dining area. 

The coffee selection at Goldberg's isn't upscale, but the price is right, and the flavor of the brew is dependable. Think your local down-to-earth breakfast joint; Goldberg's is equipped all day long with a display of drip coffees, a do-it-yourself cappuccino maker, a hot water dispenser, and sleeves of assorted tea bags. 

Come to Goldberg's for a deli sandwich or your morning bagel, then complete your meal with a beverage to get your day going. We recommend keeping your caffeine order simple: Go with the iced coffee or drip coffee with your choice of milk and creamers, including the popular brand International Delight, which has sought-after creamer flavors including hazelnut, French vanilla, Irish cream, and almond joy. The shop is open every day.


(631) 899-4834

111 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963