Why You Should Stir French Press Coffee

The simple task of making coffee is no longer very simple. For the coffee newbie who is looking to purchase their first coffee maker, or someone who's looking to upgrade from their college dorm brewer, the choices can be overwhelming. There are standard automatic coffee makers, espresso machines, pod-style brewers, pour-overs, siphons, AeroPresses, French presses, and more, and it seems that every machine or method requires a different coffee grind! 

Time and time again, coffee gurus agree that the French press method is easy, affordable, reliable, and (most importantly) makes a good cup of coffee. The basic method for success is to place your coffee grounds in the brewing pot, pour boiling water over the grounds, let it sit, and press. There are no buttons, gadgets, or gizmos to confuse you.

But just because it's simple doesn't mean there's no method. You can still make a poor cup of joe in a French press if you do things like use old coffee grounds or press too quickly. Over time, you should figure out the ratio of coffee to water that tastes best to you and how long you like your coffee to steep. There is one tip, though, that even the savviest of French press fans often skip, a step that could take their morning coffee from good to coffee house-worthy. It's simple and doesn't require any additional fancy equipment.

Go stir crazy with your French press

When you pour the boiling water over the coffee grounds in your French press coffee, the solids will rise to the top of the brewing vessel. Most people just let this sit for a few minutes before using the plunger to press the grounds down, leaving the coffee ready to drink. But for a better result, stir. After pouring the water, let the mixture sit for a minute and then stir the grounds and water. Any dry lumps of coffee will have the chance to break apart and add to the flavor of the final result. Once stirred, let it sit for another few minutes and then gently press the plunger down.

Don't be surprised if your coffee tastes richer and fuller than what you're used to. Even the smallest clump of dry coffee can make a difference in the final flavor, and stirring makes sure all of your coffee grounds are saturated. 

Overall, the French press coffee method is easy, requires little equipment, and can produce an excellent cup of coffee when it's done right. Plus many experts agree that using a French press to make your coffee results in a sweeter flavor than other methods, like drip brews.