Here's What Happens To Jell-O When It's Frozen

Jell-O has been around longer than you think. While its origin story begins in 1845, this "watch it jiggle, see it wiggle" dessert became what we know it as today back in 1897. Since then, Jell-O has become more than the orange, lemon, strawberry, and raspberry flavors that are mixed with water, allowed to set in the fridge, and cut up into bite-size dessert bits. Jell-o has transformed into everything from a strawberry pretzel salad to artisanal Jell-O shots to pies and cake. To put it simply, Jell-O has come a long way. But if you've never tried it frozen, then you are missing out.

Freezing Jell-O isn't difficult. Just prepare your mix as the box instructs and allow it to set in the fridge. Once it is nice and bouncy, cut it up and place it in the freezer. It will take about an hour to freeze, but after the freezer has done its job, take a bite and be prepared for the texture to blow your mind. It is crunchy like soft ice, but still squishy on the interior when you bite into it. These contrasting consistencys make for a delicious and unexpected Jell-O experience.  

Use a little non-stick spray

If you want to get creative you can freeze some booze-infused Jell-O and transform it into frozen Jell-O shots perfect for your next summer party. Want something with a creamy taste? Mix in some Cool Whip to your prepared Jell-O before it is completely set. Use a little non-stick spray on a sheet pan before dolloping this mixture onto it and placing it in the freezer. While these treats freeze, you can focus on making other dishes.

But don't stop with these inventive Jell-O creations. Freeze Jell-O in a Jell-O mold and serve slices topped with whipped cream. Again, just make certain you use some nonstick spray so it will easily pop out. You can also add frozen Jell-O that's been prepared with water and fruit juice to your favorite brand of ginger ale, Seven-up, or Sprite to create a festive punch. As the Jell-O melts in the soda, it becomes an icy and refreshing creation both young and old will enjoy sipping.