Add Sesame Seeds To Your Pizza Crust For Extra Crunch

When thinking of ways to make the best homemade pizza, most people go straight to potential toppings — which kinds of cheese to use, how to tweak the sauces or vary the vegetables and meats, etc. However, the crust can play a huge role in making a regular pie extraordinary. It's not just about the ingredients you use in your pizza crust (whether you're mastering a dough for beginners or using your own expert recipe) but also the smaller details that get mixed in when preparing and baking the pizza; for example, the addition of sesame seeds to the crust.

Even though they're not a common ingredient in pizza-making, sesame seeds are the go-to addition if you're craving extra crunch and a unique nutty twist in your crust's flavor. Once toasted in the oven while baking the pizza, the tiny seeds provide an unexpected crispy contrast to the fluffy interior of the crust, creating a delightful eating experience. Moreover, the tiny dark seeds embedded in the crust add a rustic visual finish to your regular pizza, transforming it into a masterpiece your guests will think came straight from a pizzeria kitchen.

How to incorporate sesame seeds into your pizza crust

There are two ways you can go about incorporating sesame seeds into your pizza crust. The first method involves adding the sesame seeds to the bottom of your crust. Begin by placing the pizza dough on a greased baking sheet, then stretch it out as usual to cover the whole surface area. Next, lift one side of the dough, sprinkle a generous amount of sesame seeds on the sheet, and then return the dough to its place. Lightly press down on the dough to ensure the seeds stick. Repeat the same process on the other half.

The second approach is even easier since the seeds go on top of the crust. Simply stretch out the dough to your preferred size, and before adding any toppings, use a pastry brush to apply olive oil (or plain water) around the outer edge of the dough. The oil will serve as edible glue to ensure the seeds adhere. Next, sprinkle the sesame seeds along the oiled edge.

After applying the seeds, finalize your pizza preparation as you normally would with cheeses, meats, and other toppings. Next, bake as per the recipe, and as the pie cooks, the sesame seeds will turn golden brown and crispy, and release their delicious nutty flavor and aroma. With just these few extra steps, you get to elevate your regular homemade pizza into a delightfully crunchy gourmet dish. Enjoy.