UAE Restaurant Mimi Kakushi Serves One Of The Coldest Martinis In The World

Many believe martinis should be enjoyed as cold as possible, either by filling the signature Y-shaped glasses with ice to let them chill or keeping them in freezers before mixing. In the quest to serve up quality martinis, bartenders and mixologists around the world have looked for ways to manipulate temperatures and set out to create unique ways to pour these concoctions ultra-cool.

Whether leaving mixed spirits in freezers before bar service or pouring vodka or gin and vermouth directly from frozen bottles, the temperature of a martini has been associated with how the Bond bev gets served. In Brooklyn, Jeremy Andre uses Japanese technology to serve up cold martinis. In Dubai, Mimi Kakushi has taken an entirely different approach to temperature by freezing alcohol bottles in blocks of ice. For 99 AED or about 27 bucks, drinkers can savor a gin martini that has been infused with Japanese Ume and Mancino Secco vermouth and placed in bottles made specifically for the experience. 

Rows of these bottles are set into a large freezing container for at least a week where they reach a temperature of -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Once chilled, individual blocks are cut out by the staff to bring to tables where they are carved with a small hammer and knife for guests to watch. The experience has come to be referred to as the Kori Kakushi Ice Ceremony, and we spoke to Bar Manager Manja Stankovic to learn more about how one of the coldest martinis in the world came to be. 

A martini order with a seriously cool sip

Stankovic explained, "Our concept stems from The Botanist, a meticulously crafted gin distilled at [the] Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay [that] utilizes 22 botanicals foraged from the island." To create an even more unique experience, as ice blocks are broken into tableside, a song sharing the name of the drink plays while onlookers capture the show. He continued, "What inspired me was the captivating world of Japanese bartending where attention to detail and reverence for ice as an essential ingredient." 

As with any expertly made martini, orders offer drinkers their choice of olives and lemons to garnish their super cool drinks or can step into a more adventurous lane with pickled daikon and baby carrots accompanying their glasses. Since its launch, the Kori Kakushi Martini has become a signature drink at Mimi Kakushi, and it's no wonder — this martini is equal parts spectacle and delicious taste, shaken and poured into a smooth one-of-a-kind experience.