The Love Is Blind Season 6 Drinking Game For Your Reunion Watch Party

Warning: Contains spoilers for "Love Is Blind" Season 6

"Love Is Blind" Season 6 has come to a close, and while — spoiler alert — only one of the five couples made it down the altar and back together, you still do have one thing to look forward to — that being the end-of-season reunion, of course. On Wednesday, March 13, the series' hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey are bringing all of the couples — and possibly even some of the other cast members who didn't end up engaged — back together in front of the screen to ask them all of the juicy questions. What more of a reason do you need to throw a watch party? With all the drama in this season, it's no wonder that the show's creators use those opaque gold wine glasses to hide all their edits.

But in less than a week, you'll have all of the most pressing questions from this season answered. Whatever happened to Matthew and Amber? What really went wrong with Kenneth and Brittany? What was the final straw for Jimmy and Chelsea? Did Jeramey actually think it was okay to reconnect with Sarah Ann while he was engaged to Laura? Why did Clay even come on the show in the first place? To make it all the more entertaining, here's a drinking game to play as you watch along. So, pour a Cosmopolitan or your other drink of choice into your signature "Love Is Blind" gold metallic wine glass, and let the party begin!

If you want to play along with our "Love Is Blind" Season 6 drinking game, here are the rules:

Take a sip when...

  • Brittany questions Kenneth's intentions for coming on the show

  • AD says "It's giving," "Period," or "Not us..."

  • Chelsea brings up Jimmy calling her clingy

  • Clay tells AD "It's not you, it's me" again

  • Johnny says "frickin'"

  • You see a flashback of someone with a gold wine glass in hand

  • Clay says "That's crazy"

  • Johnny and Amy say they love each other

  • Someone brings up Brittani, Jeramey's supposed ex-fiance

Take a few sips if...

  • Laura confronts Sarah Ann about messaging Jeramey

  • Sarah Ann stands by messaging Jeramey, despite him being engaged

  • Jimmy brings up the Megan Fox comment

  • You find out that Matthew and Amber connected after the show

  • AD confronts Matthew for what he said to her and Amber in the pods

  • They flashback to Matthew telling AD and Amber the same thing in the pods

  • Laura brings up Jeramey meeting Sarah Ann

  • Jimmy's comments about AD at the party in the Dominican Republic come up

  • Jeramey admits to going to Sarah Ann's house

Finish your drink if...

  • Jeramey and Sarah Ann dated after the show

  • Jimmy and Jessica reconnected after he and Chelsea broke up

  • Trevor and Chelsea dated after the show

  • AD got back together with Clay after the failed wedding

  • Johnny and Amy broke up