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Gold Metallic Wine Glasses Are Trending & You Can Buy Them For The Love Is Blind Finale

Reality TV has always been known for drawing breakout stars from relative obscurity, but in the 30-plus years between the earliest days of "The Real World" and the modern era of "Vanderpump Rules," has there ever been a breakout wine glass before? Of course, if you've watched any of the six seasons of "Love Is Blind," you know it's no normal reality show, so maybe it makes sense that the breakout star is something completely unexpected. 

The Netflix show, or "experiment," as it likes to be called, has groups of singles date each other through soundproofed pods — where they can talk without ever getting to see what the other person looks like — before engaging in a whirlwind courtship that is supposed to end in marriage. And while all of this is going on they can be seen regularly swinging drinks from some strangely compelling gold metallic wine glasses. Season six of "Love Is Blind" debuted on Valentine's Day 2024, with the finale scheduled to air on March 6, and fans have been looking anywhere they can to get their hands on their own set of gold wine glasses. In fact, Google searches for the iconic glasses are up more than 4,000% the past week. 

Netflix actually sells its own version of the glasses from its store, although they are emblazoned with a black "Love Is Blind" print. If you want a more clean gold look, you're not alone — general Google searches for matte gold wine glasses have increased 70% in recent days. And there are plenty of copycats available online, with some cheaper versions on Amazon and QVC, more classy options from Cambridge Home, and even stemless varieties of gold wine glasses on Wayfair. With a show this popular, you won't want for options.

The 'Love Is Blind' gold metallic wine glasses are both stylish and functional

The opaque gold wine glasses have been such a hit with "Love Is Blind" fans, but many also wonder why exactly these shiny cups have become such an important part of the show, with Google searches for this particular question up 500% in the past week. Executive producer and creator Chris Coelen told Today that it was partially just personal preference at first, but added that having the glasses continuously appear throughout the show mirrors the structure of the story. He stated, "It's a very authentic, really true following of these people's journeys, but I like the fact that we have this sort of connective tissue with that in a really light way, it's fun." 

Beyond just liking the look of the glasses, which is something that has obviously resonated with a lot of viewers, there is also a little filming trick going on. Having an opaque glass hides how much liquid is in the vessel, which means it's easier to edit the show by splicing together scenes even as the cast may be downing their drinks or filling their glasses up with other drinks in between shots. And while these gold wine glasses may be tied to "Love Is Blind," they are also a pretty fun way to mix up a party or your own evening glass. After all, the main reason wine is served in glass is because it's cheap and non-reactive, but so is stainless steel, so who says you need to follow bland tradition?