Grate Your Tofu For A 'Meatier' Take On Vegetarian Tacos

If you live a vegetarian lifestyle or just like eating plenty of vegetarian meals, then you know that tofu is essentially the most prevalent non-meat protein option. Tofu has plenty of its own delicious merits, but you may not reach for it when you feel like a vegetarian option that actually tastes like meat. 

If this situation sounds familiar to you, we have a solution: grate or shred your tofu to achieve a texture more similar to meat. As Tasting Table recipe developer Miriam Hahn explains in her recipe for shredded tofu tacos, "Once it's shredded, coated with a savory sauce, and baked in the oven, the texture transforms into something reminiscent of pulled pork in taste and texture, which is something that vegans and vegetarians may have said goodbye to long ago."

It's the perfect solution. Tofu is often diced, which results in a unique texture: spongy on the inside and often crispy on the outside. However, once it's grated, it takes on a texture that is much meatier. Combining that with the right spices gives you the ultimate meat substitute; perfect for tacos. Plus, the process couldn't be easier — all you need is a simple box grater. After the tofu block is grated, add it to a bowl and combine it with the spices, then bake it.

Other taco recipes to turn vegetarian with shredded tofu

Once you've tried the shredded tofu method, you'll be itching to incorporate it into just about all of your favorite taco recipes. Just in case you need any ideas, we have plenty of taco recipes that will work with a tofu swap. Since the grated tofu from our recipe is similar to pulled pork, you can start by using it in a carnitas taco recipe — you'll hardly notice the difference between the real pork version and the tofu version.

You can also change up the seasoning — perhaps take on the seasonings and toppings of smoked chicken tacos or easy ground beef street tacos. Just keep in mind that even though you're using a new recipe for different topping and seasoning ideas, you'll still want to stick with the baking instructions of the original shredded tofu tacos recipe. For a similar but different dish, you can use the grated tofu as the protein for a plate of nachos, complete with cheese, onions, pico de gallo, guacamole, or any of your favorite toppings.