Why Sprouts Should Be Your Go-To Grocery Store For Meat

You probably already have your go-to grocery store, maybe out of pure convenience, for the best prices, or perhaps for its specialty items that your regular meal rotation relies on. Or you might spend your grocery budget at a particular supermarket because it offers the most affordable, high-quality meat prepackaged or ordered fresh at the butcher counter, where you can ask the butcher to trim fat off meat to save money. Out of the numerous national grocery chains, Tasting Table found Sprouts to be the best place to buy meat.

Sprouts landed the number one spot on our ranking of the best grocery store chains to buy meat. It considers itself a farmers market and reminds us of Whole Foods. We found it to be the best for meat because it offers high-quality beef, poultry, and lamb. Unlike most grocers that offer some organic or ethically sourced meats, many of the options at Sprouts are sustainably sourced. For example, all of its beef is antibiotic and hormone-free from Grass Run Farms. 

According to Sprout's sustainability page, its products come from over 250 local farms including cage-free eggs, sustainably sourced seafood, and antibiotic-free chicken and pork for its in-house brand. Some of its lamb products come from Thomas Farms, which sustainably raises its animals down under in Australia. The chain even holds its suppliers to a code of conduct relating to animal welfare standards and ethical practices.

Buy high-quality raw and prepared meats at Sprouts

We aren't the only ones who consider the meat to be stellar at Sprouts. An August 2023 Yelp review of a Philadelphia store said its "meat section always looks fantastic" while another patron said it's "fresh and high in quality." The service also seems to match the quality. In California, where the retailer has over 140 stores, a May 2022 Yelp review said the meat and deli departments have "very knowledgeable folks." But of course, you might have a different experience, like some other shoppers who shared Yelp reviews, depending on the store and what meats you purchase. 

In addition to raw meat, the store also offers a wide variety of prepared and ready-to-cook products. Some more unique products that stand out to us are its ready-to-cook black garlic chicken wings and bacon jalapeño cheeseburgers. And for an easy dinner, consider its ready-to-eat meat products like Salisbury steak and roasted turkey breast.

If you don't already shop at Sprouts, they have over 380 locations across states like California, Florida, and Texas. And if you're looking for advice on how to pick raw meat once you arrive at Sprouts (or your other preferred grocer), consider these tips for buying meat at a grocery store.