The Correct Way To Store Soft Pretzels So They Don't Turn Stale

Ever bake or buy a bag of delicious soft pretzels, only to find them turn stale rather quickly? Disappointed, you've sworn to only store soft pretzels correctly so they remain fresh for longer. The problem is that you have no clue where to start. Fret not because we have the answer for you.

Storing pretzels properly will preserve their soft, fresh, flavorful quality. First, note that open air and direct sunlight will quickly turn soft pretzels stale. To remedy this, once cooled, sprinkle some salt over the soft pretzels, then seal them in an airtight container at room temperature. Also, use parchment paper as a pretzel wrapper or barrier to keep the pretzels from sticking to one another or the surfaces of the airtight container. If you don't have airtight containers handy, you can tightly wrap the soft pretzels with aluminum foil or plastic wrap. You can also store soft pretzels in nifty sealable silicone food storage bags, which we feel are essential kitchen items

Note, however, that storing soft pretzels on the counter at room temperature is not an indefinite solution. Even when stored properly, the pretzels will no longer be fresh after 1 to 2 days and may become spoiled and unsafe to eat thereafter.  

Freeze, but don't refrigerate soft pretzels, if you want them to remain soft and fresh

After correctly storing your soft pretzels for a few days, it's important to know how to check for signs of spoilage. First, take a whiff of the pretzel. Does it smell sour or rancid? If yes, the pretzel is likely spoiled; bacteria cause food spoilage and odiferous smells associated with rot. Then, check for spots of fuzzy white mold with dark centers. Sometimes, the spots are tiny, so it's easy to eat mold accidentally.

What happens when you have a lot of soft pretzels, either freshly baked or store-bought, and you can't finish them all in a few days? Refrigerating soft pretzels can turn them soggy and affect their flavor. Freezing pretzels, however, will help retain their texture and softness. You can freeze most food that's properly stored indefinitely, and the food will still be safe to eat. The only issue is the food's quality and taste will suffer. A good rule of thumb is to freeze soft pretzels for up to 3 months, then thaw them completely, about 2 hours, before reheating them.