Matcha Powder Is The Zesty Addition To Add To Mayonnaise

It might be time to disregard whatever you thought to be true about matcha powder. The result of finely grinding green tea leaves, matcha isn't meant to make warm beverages. The reality is that the powder can prove its worth in the kitchen. In fact, matcha can be quite the culinary companion, elevating anything from cake batter to popcorn — to name just two of our many unexpected uses for matcha. But, the bright and zesty powder really meets its match when whisked into mayonnaise.

A swipe or dollop of mayo can make all sorts of dishes more appealing thanks to its velvety texture and decadent flavor. Yet, while it does boast a delicately tangy and occasionally sweet profile, mayonnaise can lack significant depth. It's this neutrality, however, that makes mayo ideal to revamp with flavorful ingredients. This is where green and grassy matcha powder comes in.

A sprinkle of matcha powder can amplify aesthetics, turning cream-colored mayo a stunning sage hue, but it's what matcha can do for the flavor that really matters. With a vegetal prominence, the powder brings a level of freshness to mayonnaise. Likewise, its woodsy earthiness and strong umami undertone also works to boost the condiment's complexity. Providing an unexpected vibrancy and funk, matcha powder is able to give mayonnaise a massive makeover, rendering it irresistible in more ways than one.

Make a matcha mayo that you'll want to put on everything

A memorable matcha mayonnaise would be nothing without a quality matcha powder. Although robust, late-harvest versions are often preferred in culinary applications, any kind of matcha will do as long as it boasts a dazzling green hue, grassy aroma, and smooth texture. It also doesn't hurt to keep an eye out for matcha powder that's of a single origin and free of added ingredients. 

When it comes to crafting the matcha-laced condiment, either store-bought or homemade mayo can be used. Traditional, light, or kewpie mayonnaise all act as a reasonable base. Simply add in a modest spoonful of matcha powder and whisk until the mixture transforms into a super smooth, sage-colored sauce. Should you be so inclined, the sauce can be further elevated by whisking in yuzu zest for extra brightness, wasabi powder for spice, or a drizzle of honey for balance. 

As for how to use the matcha mayonnaise, its vibrant and vegetal profile can work to offset the richness of anything from shrimp tempura to french fries, but it also makes a great pairing for fresh sashimi or as a final touch to a California roll bowl. Alternatively, a slather of matcha mayo can also elevate veggie wraps, bean burgers, or bánh mi. It can even make an egg salad sandwich more interesting. At the end of the day, there's no limit to how matcha mayonnaise can be used!