Level Up Your Ice Cream With This Simple Bowl Trick

Details matter in the kitchen, and even the smallest action can have a profound effect on the final dishes you place on the dining room table. Such is the case with ice cream. Though serving the sweet treat can seem as simple as spooning out scoops to place into a dish, going the extra mile to chill the dishes you intend to serve the dessert in can bring your ice-cream eating experience to a new level. Setting bowls and pretty dessert dishes into the freezer is a trick professional chefs use in restaurants, but that doesn't mean you can't do the same at home. 

With cold dishes and plates at the ready, your frozen desserts will have the platform they need to shine and impress the guests at your next dinner party. It's a subtle move with major results, but having a chilled plate waiting for artful drizzles of chocolate sauce and salted caramel can help keep stickier, gooier substances in place as you dress up your favorite frozen treats.  

A sneaky effort with big results

Once you've picked up this sly serving technique, you can take the same approach and use it for your other chilled desserts. Stack trays and dishes into the freezer in preparation for servings of your favorite S'mores ice cream cake recipes and slices of key lime pie. Scoops of homemade ice cream and creamy gelato can be quickly added to the chilled fruit tarts you plate, and you'll have less of a worry about any runny mess dripping onto tables once you've set each component of your dessert in place. 

Let's not forget that peaks of the honey whipped cream you've worked hard to make to accompany your cold desserts will stand firmly on the cooled dishes, and any cut pieces of fruit you've added to chilled dishes will offer extra crisp, fresh bites to enjoy. We only wish all culinary upgrades were this easy to put in place, as this is a hostessing hack that all home chefs should keep in their gastronomical arsenal.