Canned Mushrooms Make For An Elevated Corned Beef Hash

When beef and potatoes join forces, a good meal is guaranteed. One of the best examples of this formidable pairing is corned beef hash — a classic breakfast staple and comfort food that never fails to deliver. Despite the enticing appearance, it only takes a bit of time and ingredients to put together, but comes apart in the most heavenly way on your taste buds. And if you're in the mood for some upgrade, it also doesn't require much. Even canned mushrooms will do the job splendidly.

While it's pretty obvious that the fresh variety will always reign supreme, canned mushrooms do have their own merits. In addition to being surprisingly versatile, they don't require much preparation, so you can add them straight into the beef hash anytime you want. They bring a distinctly earthy, almost umami taste to the dish that gives its typical hearty, savory profile a special flair. Each bite is as delightful as always, but with an extra depth good enough to keep pulling you back in.

More than just a flavor enhancer, the canned mushrooms also lend a different texture to the corned beef hash. Layered amongst the usual starchy potatoes and juicy, tender beef is the mushrooms' slightly chewy bite. It's such a subtle change, yet with a newly diverse texture, you'll find the dish to be much more enjoyable.

A one-step addition that transforms the dish

Once you have popped the can open, drain the water, and the mushrooms are good to go. Nothing else about the cooking process has to change. The mushrooms can join the pan either alongside the vegetables or the corned beef. Just stir for around 8 to ten minutes until they're nicely browned. Feel free to sprinkle in a bit of seasoning to amp up the flavors if you want to.

Although potatoes are a must-have in hash dishes, they're not the only vegetable you can use. While you're already adding the mushrooms, consider throwing in some bell peppers, celery, onions, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, spinach, or anything else you like for a more colorful, versatile dish. If you have extra time, whip up a mushroom gravy to coat every morsel in a deeply savory goodness.

Stepping out into less familiar grounds, this canned mushrooms hack also works for spin-offs of this corned beef hash, like a casserole hash for example. With the magic of the oven, the mushrooms' umami taste will blend even more seamlessly into the remaining ingredients. Enriched by the melted cheese's tangy magic, every forkful is out-of-this-world delicious.