Salt & Straw Brings Back Cereal-Sly Delicious Ice Cream Series

Salt & Straw is bringing back their popular Cereal-sly Delicious Series of ice creams. Starting on March 1, the returning collection will be available to purchase in stores and through their website for nationwide shipping. This ice cream collection is a callback to childhood memories of sitting around the television and watching cartoons. Remember drinking your cereal milk after all the cereal was gone? Cereal-sly Delicious is a pastry chef's take on evoking this classic childhood memory through elevated ice cream flavors, just in time to celebrate National Cereal Day on March 7.

To capture these flavors, Salt & Straw is continuing their partnership with OffLimits, a female-founded cereal company. In addition to making cereal, OffLimits was also the first cereal company to feature a female mascot on their cereal boxes. This returning line of flavors will only be available for a limited time, so don't miss your chance to savor these childlike treats.

Flavors included in the Cereal-sly Delicious ice cream series

Salt & Straw aimed to make cereal-inspired ice cream flavors for everyone, regardless of what your favorite childhood cereal was. Pots of Gold & Rainbows is a call back to the marshmallow-filled Lucky Charms, featuring real pieces of Lucky Charms mixed into the ice cream. This flavor has been a permanent menu item since 2013 and uses a cream base steeped in Lucky Charms cereal for an infused flavor of cereal in every bite.

If you're a chocolate cereal fan, two of your favorites will be represented in this year's flavors. Peanut Butter Brownie Cereal Puffs is a rich take on Reese's Puffs, with a peanut butter swirl and peanut butter glazed brownie chunks folded in. OffLimits Cocoa Puffs 'n Cold Brew is a take on the classic Cocoa Puffs cereal but for a more mature palate. Intelligentsia cold brew ice cream combines with OffLimits coffee and cocoa spheres for a perfect balance of bitter and sweet.

Salt & Straw features a vegan flavor so everyone can taste their Cereal-sly Delicious line. OffLimits Zombie with Coconut & Pandan is made with OffLimits Zombie Pandan cereal. This unique flavor takes its inspiration from the Southeast Asian Pandan plant and has notes of vanilla and coconut. This cereal combines with a smoky muscovado brown sugar and swirls of Pandan for a unique, sophisticated flavor.