K&L Wines Is The Hollywood Liquor Store That's Worth A Visit

Among Tasting Table's list of the 17 best liquor stores in the U.S. is a prestigious shop by the name of K&L Wines. With locations in Redwood City, San Francisco, Culver City, and Hollywood, California, K&L Wines never set up shop intending to cater to celebrities, but it prides itself on sourcing wines and spirits from around the world. The shop employs a team of experts who travel the globe to purchase stock directly from producers, which means that not only will K&L Wines be able to offer you something truly incredible, but it can do so at a surprisingly competitive price.

K&L Wines has built a community of loyal customers because of its outstanding selection, passion, and service. Whether it's the hot-spot Hollywood location or the shop in Redwood City, the K&L Wine team focuses on one thing: wine. Everyone is welcome to walk through the doors to peruse the worldly collection of wine and spirits. Aside from the selection of Southern Rhones, Napa Valley vintages, and masterful biodynamic and organic wines — among many, many more — you'll also find a community of fellow wine enthusiasts who make this liquor store worth a visit.

The K&L community

With four locations in total — two of which are far outside of Los Angeles — K&L Wines offers many wines that aren't typically available on the US market. The brand has been publishing a free monthly newsletter for decades and updates its blog regularly, sharing in-depth letters from its staff that highlight the latest and greatest wines and wineries. Each location also hosts regular social events, where customers gather to taste wine and spirits, enjoy food, and listen to seminars with fellow wine enthusiasts and experts.

While the events are mostly in-person and therefore only available to people located in California, you don't have to be there to take advantage of K&L Wines' selection or the competitive prices. The K&L website offers thousands of wines, and the well-stored, specialty vintage bottles are auctioned online too. However, if you've learned what you need to about classic wines and are looking to graduate into some of the more fine wines from around the world, the monthly newsletter and blog are both always free and can be found directly on the K&L Wines website.