Why You Should Give Generic Brand Canned Tuna A Chance

Canned tuna is a beloved and affordable go-to, always worthy of a spot in the pantry for a last-minute meal. While it may seem the contained fish is always similar, there's actually a whole lot of variation between brands. So, for delicious and meaty canned tuna at a lower price point, veer off from prominent labels and look into tasty generic brand renditions. 

Packaged and sold by the grocery stores directly, these varieties still offer tasty texture and seasonings. Noted examples include Target's Good & Gather, which crafts an olive-oil-soaked wild Albacore with great meaty consistency. For even more cost-effectiveness, the brand also offers chunk light tuna in water, which comes in a pouch and has a palatable flake and tuna-forward flavor. And, it doesn't get more affordable than Walmart's own Great Value light chunk, with a price tag of only about eighty cents per serving but salty, fishy contents that are far from dry. Such exemplars don't sacrifice quality and are regularly rated just as high as iconic tuna brands. Plus, they're easy to snag at shopping venues you're likely already visiting, meaning no laborious online orders or side trips.

Generic brand canned tuna offers delicious flavors at budget prices

Before purchasing, it's worthwhile to consider the culinary aim of the canned tuna. Brands cover several tuna types — usually yellowfin, albacore, skipjack, or a mixture. Plus, there are varying preservation styles, whether it's oil or water combined with salt and other seasonings. Thankfully, it's easy to find the perfect can without going for the name brand.

For instance, in a tuna melt, you'll want a fish with great chew that can hold its own in the sandwich. Therefore, go for an albacore, like Good & Gather's rendition. If you are looking to cut down on sodium, Whole Food's 365 brand wild albacore is a great call — the fish has a natural, mush-free consistency. When the fish is canned in olive oil, it'll meld well with sandwich ingredients.

If a tuna salad is on the menu, then prioritize the moisture along with a palatable fish flavor. The chunk light style (which mixes different succulent and flavorful tuna flesh) is ideal for the job. Both Walmart's Great Value and Target's Good & Gather renditions are excellent choices. You'll want to stick to chunk light versions stored in water since there'll be mayo in the final mix. Such purchases will make a generic brand version of tuna salad shine.