Give Your Next Cake An Elegant Upgrade With A Brûléed Finish

You've mastered making a classic crème brûlée recipe at home. Keep that torch wielded because that satisfying sweet layer of crunchy deliciousness deserves to appear in many more recipes. Your favorite cake recipes crave a fired-up crown of golden sweetness, too. Whether you're whipping up a vanilla birthday cake for your friends or putting together cupcakes for the office party, crisp caramelized sugar can catapult an average recipe into a new culinary atmosphere. The best part? Though brûlée toppings look fancy, the effect couldn't be easier to produce. 

Instead of dumping an excessive amount of sugar on top of your baked goods, simply brush simple syrup across the surface of the cake you're hoping to impart this extra special touch. Before serving, sprinkle several spoonfuls of sugar across either the prepared surface area or an ample layer of frosting or honey whipped cream then apply heat using your sturdy kitchen torch. Watch as the sugar caramelizes and turns shiny golden brown. Voilà! You've given your favorite cake the brûlée treatment. Look to pair complementary flavors with the brûlée topping by matching vanilla bases, or give your desserts uniquely satisfying twists with cakes flavored with banana and caramel.

A fitting crown for sweetness

With a crackly layer of caramelized sugar, even a simple vanilla loaf cake acquires a certain level of sophistication. Brûlée can complement fruit-based tarts and your favorite pie recipes, or use it to crown cakes that have been adorned with decadent peaks of custard, cream, and meringue. The caramelized topping can build richness to chocolate recipes and amplify the buttery, caramel notes of cake recipes like Southern caramel cakes and nutty coffee cakes. Powdery sprinkles of sugar or delicate flakes of dark chocolate can play well with the earthy caramel notes that your brûlée treats offer.

Sweets this good can be served with scoops of vanilla gelato, added swirls of caramel or chocolate syrups, or a quick dash of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. Garnished with seasonal berries or sprigs of mint or rosemary, such presentations are not only worthy of the Gram but ready to be swooned over by the drooling guests at your next dinner party. After experimenting successfully with one dessert, you'll be looking to find new ways to sneak brûlée into all your dessert recipes.