Wingstop Plans To Debut An Online Ordering Platform On April 1

Rather than return to in-store dining, many foodies have embraced the pandemic-promoted shift toward online ordering with gusto. Now, Wingstop is rolling out a new e-marketplace created for consumers like these. Introducing: MyWingstop. The digital platform is slated for a nationwide rollout on April 1. But wait: Longtime fans might point out that Wingstop already has an official mobile app called Wingsider. How is this new online ordering platform different? According to CEO Michael Skipworth, via QSR, MyWingstop is all about the individualized approach. That goal will be realized through using first-party data and greater personalization, ideally keeping customers coming back (and coming back often).

During the fourth fiscal quarter (Q4) of 2023, same-store sales enjoyed a 21.2% year-over-year increase, and Wingstop attracted a record amount of new customers. The fast-casual chain's new booming customer demographic is reportedly led by high-income, non-parents who place multiple frequent orders and prefer to place those orders online. MyWingstop was ostensibly created with these folks in mind.

Now, as the sun sets on Wingsider and rises on e-commerce platforms at large, MyWingstop is helping maintain brand relevance. This latest e-expansion is all about knowing your audience, and Wingstop's audience wants to order their wings online, pick 'em up, and enjoy 'em at home. (The chain's genuinely hilarious meme-forward Instagram page also demonstrates spot-on customer awareness and relevance.)

The 'Stop is just getting started

Wingstop teased MyWingstop's release last November, promising a new technology platform that would debut in 2024. It's the product of three years of behind-the-scenes development and a $50 million investment. It seems that the platform's preliminary run has been wicked successful. During the testing period, MyWingstop increased digital sales to a staggering 66.9% in the third fiscal quarter (Q3) of 2023, roughly 5% higher than in the previous year. Wingstop also saw an increase in the average unit volumes (AUV), a sales metric that can help determine the profitability of franchise locations. Between Q2 and Q3 of 2023, AUV increased from $1.7 million to $1.8 million. The chain is looking to raise that figure to $2 million and open 270 new stores by the end of the year.

Digital transactions have historically been important for the brand's bottom line. Wingstop saw $1.7 billion in digital sales in 2022, and that figure has grown with time. More than $2 billion of Wingstop's sales over the past 12 months came from digital orders placed by over 40 million guests. About 30% of sales already come from delivery. (Looks like lots of web-loving foodies also love wings.)

The shift toward MyWingstop also underscores related plans and goals that the brand has previously discussed, namely future aspirations to digitize 100% of its transactions. Wingstop is also actively testing an A.I. voice ordering phone system in more than 150 U.S. stores.