We Tried And Ranked Every Item On The Dunkin' Spring 2024 Menu

The arrival of new menu items is always a thrill, brimming with the promise of discovering new flavors and potentially finding new favorites. The unveiling of Dunkin's Spring 2024 menu was no exception, sparking my curiosity and appetite for exploration. Having already delved into the Sparkd' energy drinks, I found the rest of the lineup to be more in tune with my coffee predilections.

This season's offerings are a delightful homage to churro treats, featuring an array of drinks infused with churro and cinnamon vanilla flavors that offer a sweet and even slightly spicy allure. Complementing the beverage selections, there is also a churro donut, a savory empanada option for breakfast fans, and banana chocolate chip bread perfect for those on-the-move moments or for a snack to keep on hand. Eager to immerse myself in the full Dunkin' experience, I set out to sample as much of the Spring menu as I could, excited to savor and rank each new option on taste and texture.

9. Churro Signature Iced Latte

Most of my latte encounters, whether hot or iced, have been with Starbucks, where lattes typically forgo the whip or drizzle. So, it didn't strike me as odd when this signature latte was handed to me without any whipped cream or caramel drizzle. Only while I was leisurely sipping at a table, surrounded by Dunkin's vibrant imagery, did I realize this drink was meant to be a showstopper.

Designed to dazzle, both its hot and iced versions should feature churro syrup blended with smooth espresso, crowned with whipped cream, a caramel drizzle, and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. However, I found the drink somewhat lackluster. While the espresso was remarkably smooth, the churro syrup failed to live up to its exciting promise. The generous amount of ice, ensuring the drink stayed chilled, was a plus that didn't go unnoticed. Despite missing its signature finishing touches, I discovered this omission is a recurring issue at Dunkin'. On a paper titled "Readiness Notes" beside the cash register in full view as I ordered, I noticed that there was a note reminding crew members to add the signature toppings that distinguish the signature lattes. Regrettably, my toppings were overlooked.

8. Churro Signature Latte

Fortunately, my encounter with the hot variant of the Churro Latte was graced with the anticipated toppings, yet the addition did little to elevate the experience as much as I had hoped. There was a discernible increase in flavor complexity, albeit insufficient to counterbalance the churro syrup's subdued essence. Furthermore, the latte, which should have been served hot, arrived notably lukewarm. I should note that I did need to take a few moments to capture photographs before tasting, but such a delay was hardly enough to account for the rapid cooling in temperature.

Unfortunately, this departure from the expected warmth significantly detracted from the latte's appeal, rendering it a far cry from the cozy warmth anticipated from a freshly prepared latte. So, while the whipped cream and toppings do make the signature latte tastier with a little more visual appeal, it's still not quite enough to combat the bland churro syrup.

7. Churro cold brew with cold foam

I adore cold brew — it's honestly my go-to coffee choice on the run, and when topped with cold foam, it nearly always seals the deal for me. The Churro Cold Brew caught my eye immediately, boasting a velvety layer of white foam that seemed poised to complement the coffee beneath perfectly. Yet, my excitement was short-lived as the foam quickly dissolved into the brew faster than I would have liked, leaving a scant layer of whitish foam after just a few moments.

The taste that ensued was much like the iced signature latte — somewhat bland. It was sweet, but not overly so, and lacked any distinctive churro flavor I hoped for. In my mind, cold brew with cold foam should echo the sensation of enjoying slightly melted ice cream on top, but this wasn't the case here, even if it initially looked to live up to those hopes.

6. Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee

The Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee was the first selection that genuinely impressed me. This drink is infused with vanilla syrup — a given, considering its name — yet it intriguingly incorporates churro syrup. Despite the hint of cinnamon in the drink's title, I was bracing for a cinnamon syrup addition, so the actual composition took me by surprise, rendering the drink essentially a churro and vanilla blend.

This inclusion of vanilla markedly enhances the beverage's overall flavor profile, melding the warm essence of vanilla with the subtly sweet notes of cinnamon into a delightful combination. While the Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee lacks the embellishments of whipped cream, drizzle, or sprinkles found in other offerings, it stands out on its own merits. This presents an excellent choice for those searching for a flavored coffee without too many frills. However, I found the coffee's body somewhat lacking; it felt thin and could benefit from a richer, more substantial mouthfeel to fully captivate.

5. Cinnamon Vanilla Iced Coffee

Given my penchant for iced over hot coffee, it's probably expected that I'd lean towards the iced version of the Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee. Yet, even with this predisposition, the iced coffee didn't quite hit the mark for me regarding flavor intensity. It resembled coffee that had been overly diluted, a consequence of ice melt over time rather than a robust brew. Interestingly, during checkout, I noticed Readiness Notes suggesting that this iced coffee was supposed to feature a brewing adjustment to enrich the coffee's flavor. The notes indicated crew members should inform customers of a "richer" coffee experience, though, in my case, the coffee leaned towards the milder side.

Having once been a fan of McDonald's iced coffee, I found Dunkin's offering to parallel that experience — smoother than Starbucks but lacking in the depth of coffee flavor I've come to appreciate. This comparison shows that something is missing, falling short of that more intense coffee flavor.

4. Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Upon approaching the counter, one of the first things that caught my eye was the Banana Chocolate Chip Bread, conveniently displayed beside the checkout and beside the donuts in pre-packaged plastic packages. Dunkin' explains, "This rich banana bread is served prepackaged to ensure a tender, moist crumb." The small plastic pouches are handy for on-the-go snacking, but I noticed a little condensation on the inside of our package, and my initial taste revealed a slightly stale flavor. The bread's texture and the chocolate chips' meltiness were immediately noticeable, promising that quintessential moist texture one expects from banana bread.

Initially, it seemed to hit the mark. However, as the flavor lingered, it leaned more towards that characteristic pre-packaged taste. While I found it a satisfactory quick snack, it doesn't quite measure up to the homemade banana nut bread crafted from those overly ripe bananas awaiting use on your kitchen counter.

3. Churro Donut

Diving into Dunkin' on the first day the spring menu dropped, I knew that snagging every item on my wishlist might be a tall order. So, when my mobile order for the Churro Donut fell through because it was sold out, I took it in stride — not too surprised but a tad disappointed. The real shocker came with the realization that Dunkin' didn't offer an immediate refund for the ghost donut. Instead, the manager suggested reaching out via the app for a refund — a process that proved fruitless in the short term. Undeterred, I returned the next day, spoke to the same manager, and secured the elusive Churro Donut as a make-good for the previous day's oddity.

The Churro Donut itself was an intriguing sight. Its center boasted a gaping circle, much larger than anticipated, making the donut itself seem smaller by comparison. Its design, adorned with ridges, not only added a unique texture but also made it incredibly easy to tear off bite-sized pieces — a feature my son, an avid donut aficionado, greatly appreciated. The topping of cinnamon sugar was fine, too fine in fact, missing the robust texture of larger granules I had envisioned, akin to the topping on cinnamon sugar toast. Moreover, the donut's density was a surprise; for a treat that boasts what Dunkin' calls a "pillowy interior," it felt more substantial than expected, not quite living up to the fluffy promise I had hoped for.

2. Breakfast Empanada

I'm a big fan of empanadas for their self-contained and seeming convenience, and this breakfast rendition with scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheddar all wrapped up in a flaky crust caught my attention. It's designed to be a handheld breakfast dream, but in reality, I found it leaned more towards a fork-and-knife affair. Unfortunately, it just didn't seem sturdy enough for on-the-move munching and I didn't quite trust this untested structural integrity.

Flavor-wise, this empanada hit the right notes for me; the noticeable boost of pepper within the shell, was a highlight, and although it's pretty decent on its own, a little hot sauce wouldn't hurt to dial up the flavor. All in all, not a bad way to start the day or even as a quick, midday snack. I would like to see more varieties of flavors offered in this form, and I'm admittedly a little surprised that Dunkin' didn't choose a flavor option that felt more spring-like.

1. Churro Signature Frozen coffee

Despite my previous experiences with churro-flavored drinks leaving much to be desired, the Churro Signature Frozen Coffee broke the mold. This beverage emerged as the standout favorite from Dunkin's new Spring menu, both in flavor and texture. It struck a harmonious balance, reminiscent of a Starbucks Frappuccino, with all elements blended to perfection.

However, it seems I missed out on the caramel drizzle that should have adorned the inside of the cup, a minor oversight that likely detracted more from the visual presentation than the taste itself. Even still, learn from my store's missing items and be sure yours adds all the parts that should go with the item. Nonetheless, the absence of this detail did little to diminish my enjoyment of what was easily the most satisfying item I sampled. Though it doesn't seem immediately apparent, you could also order this one with vanilla to complement that churro syrup, and I think it would be all the better.


My approach to ranking Dunkin's Spring 2024 menu items is anchored in simplicity yet grounded in essential aspects: taste and texture. These pivotal factors formed the basis of my evaluation, where I assessed the appeal of each item's flavor profile alongside the sensory experience of its texture. My goal was to mirror the typical consumer experience at Dunkin', striving for authenticity in each tasting session. This involved embracing the variability of preparation standards — acknowledging that while some offerings were presented flawlessly, others fell short in execution. Such discrepancies were factored into my rankings, providing a comprehensive view that balances enjoyment with the reality of a fast-paced coffee and donut shop environment.

Incorporating both food and drink items into a single ranking may appear unconventional. However, given the range of options available, placing food items alongside drinks presented a more coherent evaluation. Interestingly, my findings generally showed that the food items outperformed the drinks in terms of overall enjoyment.