Dunkin's Leaked Spring Menu Includes A Breakfast Empanada And Spiced Drinks

Spring may not be here just yet, but food purveyors are planning for the arrival of warmer weather and sunnier skies with new releases. Dunkin' fans in particular should get ready for some new flavors and treats this spring, according to the buzz on social media sites. OnĀ Instagram, for instance, a user claims to have provided a preview of items to come.

Dunkin' has a history of innovation on its breakfast menu, branching out from its simple doughnut offering to popular breakfast tacos and pancake wraps, so it's no surprise if the chain has some updated ideas this year. It experimented with breakfast empanadas last year in several test markets, and it appears the flaky egg, cheese, and sausage pastry was good enough to make the cut for this year's new spring menu.

The coffee and donut purveyor is also set to spice up its beverage lineup with churro-inspired hot and cold drinks and some sweet treats. For folks who love coffee topped with a soft layer of whipped cream, the new churro latte might be a favorite. Additionally, the menu may feature cinnamon vanilla coffee options and a cinnamon-sugar-dusted churro classic donut as well as banana chocolate chip bread.

Spiced-up offerings might be joined by sparked-up drinks

If the leaked menu is accurate, the Dunkin' spring lineup will also include some fruity beverages. For those who prefer a non-coffee boost of energy, two caffeinated cold drinks are on deck to join the family of iced beverages. Berry Burst and Peach Sunshine Sparkd' Energy drinks follow in the footsteps of prior energy drinks that contained Monster or Rockstar products, but it seems these offerings will feature a new energy syrup and sparkling water. No word yet on the caffeine content compared to their current green tea refresher line.

Reddit is also buzzing with news about the new menu. According to a post on the DunkinDonuts subreddit, the spring menu release will see the departure of some winter specialties in both the drink and food categories and a few new points rewards. While we haven't confirmed the alleged changes, they look similar to the seasonal product cycle we've come to expect.