Give Your Regular Cup Of Coffee A Bolder, Sweeter Flavor With Molasses

Most people take their coffee with a little sweetness, but sometimes the usual options can get a little boring. Luckily, sugar isn't the only way to sweeten your morning cup of Joe. Molasses offers an earthy, gingerbread cookie-like alternative, and the rich taste helps deepen the flavors in your coffee cup without adding the caloric numbers that white sugar does. If you've tried adding coconut oil to your morning brew or experimented with a little ghee in your coffee, you may want to give molasses a try. 

As with adding any new ingredient to your favorite mug of coffee, start slowly and adjust to taste. Because there are several different types of molasses to choose from, you'll want to experiment with flavors to find the combination that best suits your palate. If you prefer a sweeter flavor, look for light or Barbados molasses. Other types of molasses are boiled repeatedly, and darker molasses such as blackstrap can lean toward the bitter end of the flavor spectrum, turning your cup of coffee into something much less sweet than what you probably had in mind. 

Coffee this good should be called dessert

Once molasses has been swirled into your cup, you can experiment with adding milk, your favorite milk alternative, or creamer to create a luscious cup that tastes like an instant treat. Splashes of vanilla, hazelnut, or maple extract can turn your morning coffee into a drink that could be mistaken for dessert. If you find that you'd prefer a sweeter sip than what the molasses can provide, brown sugar can also be added to your brew. And to turn your coffee into an even sweeter affair, top your molasses-laced pour with homemade honey whipped cream

A garnish of pumpkin pie spice may have you feeling like you're tucking into a holiday before heading to the office, while dustings of cocoa powder can be the perfect afternoon treat after a long day. For a warming beverage that elicits memories of wintertime festivities, sprinkles of ground cinnamon or ginger can turn your mug into an instant celebration — or, you can serve your molasses-enhanced cups of coffee with gingerbread cookies. After trying molasses-packed coffee, you may replace your morning coffee rituals with this sweeter and more nuanced approach. This is exactly how a great day begins!