The Clever Way To Store Your Water Bottle Collection In The Pantry

From the day you discovered that failure to drink enough water could cause kidney damage, you decided to always have water with you wherever you go. Now, you've bought so many reusable water bottles for yourself and all of your family members that there doesn't seem to be enough space to store them in your pantry. Guess what? You're not alone. Water bottles are among the most challenging items to store for many people. 

They come in many different shapes and sizes; some are too long to store upright in the pantry, and others are too bulky to fit in an already tightly packed cupboard shelf. The solution? An over-the-door pantry organizer. Not only do these vertical organizers provide storage for your water bottles, but they also offer an instant way to double your pantry space. That means you also get extra room to store other kitchen essentials, including spices, canned foods, and even snacks. 

But before you start packing your bottles onto this clever storage solution, first search through your entire house and gather all the reusable bottles. Throw away the pieces that are in bad condition and donate the ones you can. Now, sort the remaining bottles into categories such as the long ones, the wider ones, the ones with handles, and so on. With your bottles categorized, you can go ahead and place them one by one in an orderly manner onto the over-the-door organizer.

Why an over-the-door rack is an ideal way to store water bottles

Choosing an over-the-door pantry organizer is a smart move, especially for kitchens with small pantries. While other organizers consume a lot of floor, shelf, and wall space, these racks can help you capitalize on unused vertical space on the door. Remember, when it comes to organizing your pantry, space optimization is paramount. So, as long as your pantry has a door, you are good to go since you can either hang the rack or attach it directly to the door itself.

Secondly, over-the-door racks offer unparalleled accessibility. No one wants the hassle of rummaging through shelves when looking for their favorite bottle. With the door placement, you'll always have your reusable bottles within arm's reach as soon as you open the pantry door. Additionally, these organizers are unlike concealed storage options. They have transparent compartments that allow you to quickly identify the water bottle of your choice at a glance.

Some over-the-door racks even give you the liberty to customize the shelves according to your storage needs. You can adjust them to handle wider and heavier water bottles and still have smaller compartments for your spices. Finally, if you want an immediate organizational upgrade for your pantry, over-the-door organizers are your best bet. They are inexpensive and require minimal installation effort, saving you the struggle of assembling complex shelves.